Templates, Due Date Options

Our company is busy enjoying the task management features. We have set up many templates for processes we do over and over for each client. We really want to have the following options on our templates.

  • A way to preassign the tasks to person before it goes live. Avoiding filling their task list with template tasks that are unassigned and not current requirements.
  • This one is a big one right now, we need a way to take a template, give it a start or live date, then have the tasks be assigned like 2 days from the live date, 10 days from the live date, etc. So that we do not have to put in calendar dates for every new client.

I see a lot of chat and request for the date feature, do one of the plans have this option? If not how far out is ASANA from this? We hate to keep spending all this time creating a new database for the team if its not going to be supportive with the timing of reoccurring projects.


It’s not currently possible to pre-assign tasks, though you can find some workaround in the Forum.

But it is possible to handle the relative dates you’re looking for:

Hope that helps,


Do you need a certain subscriptions for the relative dates. I can’t even get to the first area on the how to.

Karen Thompson

@Karen_Thompson, Custom Templates (all aspects of them) are a Premium feature but you indicate you already have access to them so that’s not the issue. Perhaps you have no task or project Due dates in your template? The article explains that you need those to cause the date-setting dialog to appear. Although your template dates will be absolute dates, they’ll be treated relatively. (It’s a little confusing.)

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