Relative due dates based on last due

Is it possible to create template where tasks got due dates relative to last due date/project’s last date?
For example I create Milestone/Goal from template to December and Asana automatically adds three tasks before it: 1 month, 6 months and 12 months back from the milestone date.

Hi @Veikko_Pulli, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

You can schedule project due dates from project templates: How to Use Asana Custom Templates • Asana. You can schedule the dates of the tasks from the start or end date of the project.

We are also launching a revamped version of project templates and you will have even more possibilities! Stay tune for an announcement soon in the #news category!

I do not see or understand how this works.

What I want is to create a template where I can set relative due dates for individual tasks.

e.g. when the due date of the project is 05/05/2022.

Tasks that are set to +x days (or -x days) should get a due date + or - relative to the due date of the project.

Is this possible? Would save a lot of time.

Hi @Herve_Buisset,

Wait for the #news announcement that Emily mentioned, should be coming very soon.

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