Relative Due Dates



We are deciding on options for project management. We are creating a master project template - about 100 tasks. The due dates are all relative to the master release date for each project. Is there a way to set up the template with our specific timelines (same for each project). When the template is used for a project - the task due dates will auto populate based on the project release date. Also - sometimes the release date changes - so, these would need to be relative/dynamic to that date and automatically update. Would LOVE this feature to be added!

Dependencies with date
Automatically update the timeline of a template for similar projects

It does not exist in Asana (yet).
However Templana is doing something like this if you host a template with us, you can tell for each task how many days after the template load date it is due (pardon my English, might not be that clear :thinking:)

@danielguajardok anything on the Instagantt side?


Instagantt has something like this. Any project can be used to be duplicated (there’s a button on the right toolbar). It will ask you for a new name, and a new start date. That will shift all dates and start dates of all tasks and subtasks to match the new start of the project :slight_smile:


Another method would be to use CSV Import and and use date math in your date field formulas in Google Sheets or Excel. I think there are ways to avoid weekends also in Excel, would have to check that out.


Would really appreciate this feature!


Hi there,

my team is working on projects that all follow a similar timeline. We use a GANTT chart to update the start and end dates based on a final date and import the information via the .csv importer. But in this case, we cannot include tags and comments. Is there a way to automatically set the dates for a new project given a due date for the whole project in Asana? Or can information like tags etc. be included within the csv. file and the incorporated in Asana?

Thanks in advance for any reply!