How to shift the due date of multiple tasks at the same time with a free/basic plan


I’ve read multiple thread but haven’t found a solution that works with the basic plan.

How can I shift the due date of multiple tasks at once in a Project List View? For example, pushing all the tasks in a project one week later than their original due date.

See screenshot.

Hi @Joel_Racine sorry don’t think that would be possible inside the Free Plan…



@Marie or @Emily_Roman, Can you confirm that an Asana feature was removed–the one mentioned below in #2 (the ability to multi-select and use one of two keyboard shortcuts to move all one day forward or backward)? This used to be possible in the free plan and was a very useful feature. If it was removed, was that ever communicated?



@lpb, do you know what this shortcut was? I wasn’t familiar with this one, but I’m happy to look into it!

Thanks, @Marie. It might have been one of these two pairs:


… but used only when the lists pane was sorted by Due date.

In any event, I know it was in the linked Guide page I gave, so if you have version history on that page that would be another way to find it.



Thanks @lpb!

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to these :sweat_smile:

The two shortcuts you’re referring to can help moving tasks in batches, but I don’t remember them allowing you to change the due date. Or maybe this is something that went away when we introduced the spreadsheet view on?

Well, I know it was there, and documented, at least of around a year ago. It would have been a solution here, and was useful for those without Timeline view.



@lpb @Marie
The Wayback Machine knows all, sees all:

I just tried it; it doesn’t work any more, as Larry noted. From the look of it, the change to the spreadsheet view is when it went away.


@Marie @lpb thanks all for the replies. So as I understand it there is no way to do this without Timeline or other paid functions. How can we raise a feature request for this?

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@Joel_Racine, Yes, that’s correct. And you can post the request in #productfeedback and vote after you post, and encourage others too.


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