Shifting task due dates in a large project, based on holiday

I’m stuck!

We have a customer project template that fills in all the task dates based on the customer project start date. The project template is based on a 6-month long program, and there are over 100 tasks in it across several sections.

Our issue is when a major holiday will land in the middle of that 6-month project, we need to shift the tasks that fall during the holiday week to the next week - there’s a pause in the program. There are far too many tasks to show on the timeline view, so I’m unable to select all the tasks and move them all forward a week.

What’s the best approach here? Is there a tip for selecting all tasks on the page after a certain point? Are there rules or other automations that could be implemented?

Welcome, @Alyson_Rinaldi,

If you have dependencies set, first check Dependency management options and ensure Maintain buffer is set.

It is possible to select many tasks in timeline view (I just re-confirmed). On a Mac with a trackpad:

  • Depress with thumb and keep down through all the following
  • With forefinger drag (lasso) all visible tasks then raise up forefinger
  • With a pair of fingers (besides thumb) scroll down
  • Repeat last two steps above until done
  • Raise thumb leaving all tasks selected
  • Drag any one task one week forward to move them all.

If all tasks are connected with dependencies, you could just move the first one to be pushed out and Maintain buffer would move the rest. might help too (cc @Phil_Seeman).

Hope that helps,