Date Offset on Multiple Tasks

Is there a way to move the due date of all tasks and subtasks in a project forward or backwards by a set number of dates? For example, if the due date of a project changes (in our case the event date). Additionally, is there a way to prevent these new due dates from landing on a weekend date (Saturdays and Sundays)?

Hi @Austin_Huot and thanks for your first question on the forum

In the timeline view, if you unfold the subtasks, you can create a rectangle of selection and move many tasks in time at once (max 50 tasks at once).

Alternatively, if you have created dependencies between all the tasks (and subtasks); you could technically move only one task and everything could move (see Auto-shifting dates for dependent tasks). But I’m not a big fan of this technique, as it uses heavily the dependencies, and it comes with all “side effect” (such as extra notifications, and arrow everywhere).

But I would also be very happy to find some other good (better) ways to tackle this.