Activity - View "your own" activity on the Inbox tab

After searching countlessly for some way of being able to view all activity for yourself (so that you can see what you worked on, commented on, etc for your own reports and timesheet entry) I’ve determined that this just isn’t available in Asana. (at least like how basecamp has their activity feed).

The only way I’ve been able to do this to see “what” I worked on, on a given day is by doing an advanced search…
Search > Advanced Search > Add Filter > People > Commented on by > Your Name

However, this just shows the tasks you commented on, not the actual comments, and the filters/sorting don’t even have a column to see the date/time last modified. You have to click on each individual task, scroll through the comments one by one to see what was done.

The closest thing that offers what basecamp’s activity feed is, is the following…
Inbox > Activity > Expand (so you can see all comments in the feed), but it’s cluttered by everybody elses comments.

But it’s missing one key thing… your OWN comments. It shows everybody else’s activity, except your own.

Can you please improve the Activity feed to have the ability to see your “own” activity, whether that be on inbox or on your profile page? It is literally impossible to find out what was said/done unless you actually complete a task. There should 100% be a way to see overall “your own” activity on projects

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