How do you track all activities by one user?



I tried an advanced search to get a report on all activities by one user: created, assigned to, commented on, … but there was no results (I guess all search fields are AND, not OR.) The objective is to be able to automatically create a daily/weekly report for each staff. Any suggestion?


I’ve been searching for the same solution but haven’t found anything that works. Hopefully someone can provide the solution.


I have the same issue. I want a report with all the comments made by a specific team member in a specific day/period. No chance for the moment!


I’d like to know the same thing! If I’ve assigned a series of tasks to a team member, I’d like to be able to see their task list just like I can see my task list. It’s in the same vein as what Alecska is asking.


Hi @Alecska_Divisadero

You can only see tasks that are public to your team. So you won’t be able to see any tasks that:

  1. a user created in ‘My Tasks’ but has chosen not to make public
  2. any tasks in private projects of which you are not a member.

If you’d like to see all tasks assigned to a specific user, you’ll have to ask the user to share her tasks with you. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to ask her to multi-home the relevant tasks to a single project, which you can add to your favourites. You could ask other users to do the same, so that you have a ‘master project’ that contains all of the tasks from all users that you want to follow. You can then filter and report as required.


Hi @Simion_ILIE

It’s not currently possible to create an advanced search that includes comments, but you could create a Product Feedback post if you wanted to request that feature.