How do you track all activities by one user?

I tried an advanced search to get a report on all activities by one user: created, assigned to, commented on, … but there was no results (I guess all search fields are AND, not OR.) The objective is to be able to automatically create a daily/weekly report for each staff. Any suggestion?


I’ve been searching for the same solution but haven’t found anything that works. Hopefully someone can provide the solution.

I have the same issue. I want a report with all the comments made by a specific team member in a specific day/period. No chance for the moment!

I’d like to know the same thing! If I’ve assigned a series of tasks to a team member, I’d like to be able to see their task list just like I can see my task list. It’s in the same vein as what Alecska is asking.

Hi @Alecska_Divisadero

You can only see tasks that are public to your team. So you won’t be able to see any tasks that:

  1. a user created in ‘My Tasks’ but has chosen not to make public
  2. any tasks in private projects of which you are not a member.

If you’d like to see all tasks assigned to a specific user, you’ll have to ask the user to share her tasks with you. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to ask her to multi-home the relevant tasks to a single project, which you can add to your favourites. You could ask other users to do the same, so that you have a ‘master project’ that contains all of the tasks from all users that you want to follow. You can then filter and report as required.

Hi @Simion_ILIE

It’s not currently possible to create an advanced search that includes comments, but you could create a Product Feedback post if you wanted to request that feature.

I found a topic that was started to address this. It needs upvotes


Hi Asana,

I have the same questions as a lot of other Asana users: I really need to have insights in my (daily) history of activities and comments in order to be able to register my working hours. I kindly but urgently want to encourage you to implement this feature in Asana on short notice. You will make a lot of people very happy on this planet. Look forward to a positive respons.


I was able to do this today!
Enter the user’s name in the search bar. Click their name. When the screen jumps to populate their tasks, switch the view to completed tasks and it will show everything they’ve finished.

I’m looking for this too. Not just the completed tasks, but all activity within a time period by user. It should include comments, task creation and completion, and all other activity (creation of Teams, creation of Projects, etc.).


Hello. I’m bumping this post. Have there been any upgrades that would allow for this functionality since the original question was asked? Are there any API automation scripts out there that might solve the problem?

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I need this too and this gives how much active(actually working) a particular user is.

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I also need this too.

Sometimes there is a activity I need to report on, based on comments, feedback, etc, etc. So, need to see a history of all comments or task changes interactions.

Would be great to have a User History with all activity.

Hi @George_Crewe, I welcome to the Asana Community Forum! I recommend you voting for this feature here: View historical user activity :slight_smile: