Delete action tracking in task

Hi all,

Couldn’t find a relative discussion but happy to be linked to one. In a task there is in small grey print the actions (laura p changed the title of… laura p removed…) they all build up and take up space in our task. Is there anyway we can remove these?

Nope sorry. Compact history for task is the closest thread I believe.

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Hi @Laura_P :wave: thank you for reaching out!

There is actually a way to remove the Activity Feed (small grey prints you mentioned).

You can do it by simply following these steps:

  • Select the task you want
  • Scroll down to the Activity Feed
  • Hover over one of the Stories and click on the little cross on the right-hand side

You will need to repeat the process individually on each story.

I hope this helps!


Thanks so much Natalia! Shame it has to be individually done though, hopefully a batch option comes up in future updates. :slight_smile:

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Nice! Is that new? :thinking:

Compacting & perhaps hiding the Activity is one thing. Unfortunately, I now have users deleting the audit trail of activity because they don’t want people to see changes made to due dates, etc. I’m not especially thrilled with this capability being there.

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Wow I never thought of that! :scream:

The activity feed should not be mixed with comments. This is so annoying. I wish I could hide it and focus on comments only


They should be hidden by default. It’s kind of bloating and confusing.


Agree!! If they were hidden by default then you wouldn’t need the option to remove it - then staff can’t do what you mentioned @Angie_Gilbert as well!

Is there any way to avoid this? i’m concerned this will happen at my company as well.

Not that I am aware of @kim8.