My stories are been deleted when i move.

Hello i’m trying to get in my APi, every day, the record of all stories into a task, then i can get some metrics about my process. But i realized that, for example:
My card is in Section A, and I moved it to Section B, and then moved to Section A again:
A -> B -> A.
Instead of save this 2 stories, when I go back B->A, the system deletes my A->B, then I can’t have the entire record of my actions.

In case, I’ve sections ToDo, In Progesss, Testing and Done.
When a task in Testing is ok, I move it to Done, but some times isn’t ok, so I move back to ToDo, and i want to get metrics about the stories Testing->ToDo.

I tried with Webhooks, to get in real time, but I want to use GET /stories/{story_gid} to get the full actions in a task.

Has a way to disable ‘delete my stories’? or get the entire record of a task?

Hi @Caina_Rinaldi_Estech,

There is not, I’m afraid. You are an unfortunate victim of Asana’s story consolidation: the same operation by the same user within 24 hours without any intervening other operations will cause only the last of those same operations to be kept.

The only alternative is, as you mentioned, to use webhooks to capture each change in real time.

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