Restore ability to delete items in activity log

It used to be possible to delete things from the activity log, e.g. changes to description or titles, by hovering over the log and clicking the ‘x’.

(Yes, I understand that it is possible to view just comments or view all activity, and I want to view all activity, but want to remove some particular entries.)

I can’t seem to delete these now, even as a Project Owner. I can understand a project having the setting to disallow activity log deletions, but it would be nice to have the option for:

  1. Project Owners to always delete, or
  2. Project settings to be changed so they can be deleted by the Project Owner/other project members.

I have looked at project settings but don’t see this as an option. Am I missing something here and I should still be able to do this?


Hi @Sarah_L ,

This is an A/B test running through March 25th, testing an update that removes the ability for users to delete their own stories from the story feed. This is in support of the idea to make the story feed a more reliable source of truth for all Asana users.


I’m all for the idea of that being an option, but I am sure there will be some who have different priorities.

In my use case, I am working on a template and I want to keep the history very clean for when it is copied to other organisations using Ditto. If I don’t delete the activity log beforehand, then these show up as comments, which add clutter to the new project.

Thanks for letting me know it is an A/B test!


Thanks for sharing your feedback and use case, @Sarah_L! As Phil mentioned, this is currently an A/B test and it will run for another few weeks. I will pass your feedback to our product team so they can consider it when analysing the results of this test and deciding any iteration.

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The “x” is no longer showing to be able to delete history items in the activity feed in tasks. This is cluttering up our task activity feeds.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version:

What version of Asana are you using (Personal, Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise+, Premium, Business or legacy Enterprise)?


Upload screenshots below:

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Hello @Nicole15, this is expected and due to a test we’re currently running. We’ll share more info in the News section once the test is over and if we decide to roll this out to all users :slight_smile:

Hi @Nicole15 , if your activity log is feeling cluttered, you may want to switch to ‘Comments’ only.

I think you will find that’s much better than deleting the activity log items…! :sweat_smile:
This setting is user-based and will persist for all tasks.


Is there a way we can opt out of the test? or will you revert the capability back to us once the test is over? I really do not think that this is a good thing for customers. Perhaps if you gave customers the option to have this feature on or off, that way those that want all history items to always be visible can do so, but those who want to have their history feeds clean for tasks or want/need the ability to make changes can still have that opportunity. It could be an admin setting even…
Is there a way to submit formal feedback about the “why” from a customer perspective for keeping this feature available to customers? We have a business level account with 150 person staff.


See response above - but also, when will the test be “over” or completed?

We want the ability to delete items. Thanks though!


@Nicole15, we can’t opt folks in or out of A/B test. This one is scheduled to run through the end of March. I will share your feedback with our team and keep you posted here when I have an update!

okay thank you, if you can opt us out in the meantime and restore our ability to edit these, that would be really great!

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Hi @Nicole15,

See this portion of Marie’s post:

It’s not possible for Asana to opt people out of an A/B test.

Just to agree I would really like this ability back to delete activity - understand if you want to make it an option in future, but it’s definitely cluttering up our feed. We use asana for projects of course, but also for static tasks for eg buying from suppliers, and the activity is useful while an order is in progress (so don’t just want to see comments), then once that order has arrived, we clear that ‘task’ down and leave it unassigned and blank ready for the next time we want to order.
Hope that helps add another argument to keeping it as an option - people use asana for so many different things which I think is what you want to encourage, so leaving this option to delete activity in is important.


I also vote to restore the ability to delete my own activity log entries in the activity logs at tasks, this is especially relevant when we use template tasks that are then duplicated for e.g. new launches etc.
Individual task duplication also happens frequently and starting clean is best.

While already the Asana rule based automated trigger log entries could not be deleted, at least own entries could be cleaned up to avoid clutter on the task so far. With the “x” option being removed, this is really getting unnecessarily busy in the task thread.


Hello everyone, and thank you for your valuable feedback!

After careful consideration, we’ve concluded our experiment and will be rolling out this update to all our customers. We recognize that some of you may prefer the option to delete the activity log, in this case you can select to show only comments and hide the activity log. For more details, please refer to the screenshot provided in this comment.

We have shared all your feedback with our product team and we will post updates in this thread if this is something we plan to implement again in the future.


In a task, we routinely make date changes or slightly rename tasks. These changes by person are then recorded in the task. The person has the option to delete the changes’ notes with a little x to the right.
That “x” is now gone as of today. Now our tasks have all the long lists of changes because we cant delete the ‘commentary.’
Why is this happening and surely it is returning?
I cant seem to attach a snip

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Hi @jbirkes - I’ve merged your post with the broader thread on this topic. You can skim the thread for context on what you’re seeing.

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My feedback is that I dont need Asana telling me how to manage “a more reliable source of truth” – I am the Project/Program Manager, and I have the option to tell people how to manage tasks. This only just showed up for me yesterday and it is chaotic at best. Now I see that you can (thanks @Emily_Roman ) change to comments views which helps but sometimes Asana makes changes that are very disruptive. We use a lot of templates and this new ‘option’ is actually not all that helpful but so be it.

Really wish Asana would add real project managers that are managing 50-100 projects for feedback and rely on Asana. Not people who think they know how asana should work. Getting buy in and receiving feedback from front line PMs – you would think would be important. I have been with Asana since it looked like Excel. No one has ever asked me to participate.


This behavior just showed up in the private Asana instance I use to manage my personal tasks. I hate it.