Restore ability to delete items in activity log

Really wish you would consider making this a setting so users at least have a choice to delete/keep activity. It’s an interesting decision to give users less options than they had before.


Glad this is only a test.

It’s nice to have the option to delete notes that aren’t meaningful and make stories look busy.

Please consider reversing this decision.


I totally agree with you, @jbirkes. @Emily_Roman, please ask the team working on this to reconsider this change. As the agency owner, I need to make this global decision for our team and clients, not Asana. As others have suggested, this should be added to the Asana Settings. Another disappointing move from Asana.

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I’m disappointed by this. During your A/B test, were you logging how many times a user tried to click next to a feed icon to delete it? Because I still regularly try to do that.

Right now if you accidentally mark a task complete by a miss click, and then immediately mark it incomplete, you end up with two new entries in the feed. Switching to view comments only is not helpful, because there is a lot of useful information in the feed that we do want to see. But we also want to remove unnecessary clutter. Yes, this is annoying in personal workspaces where you really don’t want that, and frustrating in projects you are cultivating as templates, but also in collaborative workspaces you sometimes want to help keep things clean for other team members.

If you really insist on never deleting anything, how about a third option: Comments, Activity, All Activity - where you can delete (= hide) something specific from “Activity” (and can choose that view as your default), but it will still appear in “All Activity”?

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I agree 100% here.

It is very disappointing to be surprised by this change. There are specific projects/tasks that my team use that depend on the removal of activity details regularly.

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My 2c: I work in a large organization where accurate data is paramount, so I am not personally affected by this change (in fact, for most enterprises, this is probably a positive). That said, I can see how smaller orgs might be affected by this and support having a setting at the org level to govern this.

Perhaps there’s a UX middle ground where users (probably project admins) can set which fields’ changes should be visible in a “Activity [Lite]” view (a la @Sarah_L’s suggestion). I understand this might be challenging for multi-homed projects, but maybe this would either default to the most restrictive permission set applied to a task or depend on the context in which the user is viewing the task.


To put it simply… boo

Please bring back this feature. We need this within our organization as well. Thanks!

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I also am very frustrated by not being able to remove activity. When setting up the initial task it LOGS everything which is NOT helpful. I usually delete that history once the task is set up with all attachments etc… early on many things change and DON’T need to be tracked. I hope this test ends soon.

Please consider reversing this - you don’t seem to have taken any of the feedback here on board. By all means make it a recommeded setting to keep on, but give the organisation paying the asana subscription the option to turn it off. Just don’t understand why you can’t appreciate we use asana in many different ways and this has been a useful feature for many of us.


Unbelievable that people here are stating the reasons why this is not a good update and there is no solution because you prefer not to listen to what users want. Very disappointing.


I also vote to restore the ability to delete my own activity log entries in the activity logs at tasks.


Restore the ability to delete items.


I second this as do SOOOO many others

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As others have stated here, please consider rolling back this change.

Perhaps it’s an option that the owner can decide for their entire organization or even the PM for the project in question? Maybe some projects need to be more “secure” in their truth, while others do not need this level of accountability.

As it stands, our project feed has become cluttered. We wish this was not a forced decision from Asana. :-1: