Create Activity feed to Teams & Projects

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Updated insight on this request from a similar request over here. View historical user activity - #5 by Jon_Sasala

"Use case: I am on a call with a client and they want to know what has happened on their project today. Pretty hard for me to look in Asana and answer that.

I see this as displaying similar to the feed in my Inbox but for all tasks on a project, not just ones I am following. And I would assume this should live under Progress > Activity in each project."

Please and thank you.

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This ‘feature’ is a must. Currently, all data is basically lost. Breaking down a job is important internally and externally as previously mentioned in the thread.


is there any progress on this? The “activity” section under the project progress tab doesnt seem to accumulate anything. This is a crazy omission to have in a project management software.

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This is exactly what we need. It would be great if I could also download the activity feed as a PDF log at the end of each project.

How do I find the thread on this topic in product feedback - can you please post a link so I can vote?

same here id like something similar to basecamps. a feed to see whats been happening.

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This would be a great feature. At this moment, we can’t easily see what has been done in the project. I can’t see which tasks have been added lately, or which tasks had activity on them, or what is completed recently.

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There must be a detailed and well-presented Activity feed for projects/tasks/conversations/forwarded-emails/likes/added-projects. The best application ive seen providing it neatly is Basecamp. I’ve tested several task/project management applications and to be honest all were fair about this feature. Please avoid logs presented in just lines, this will be a very bad idea and for activities eye-tracking. I’m suggesting to create a new tab in the project bar and to provide the same as activity feeds in Basecamp.

yes, Activity Feed in Basecamp is one of its magic features. So far, there’s no project-management application can beat BC feeds. As a workaround you can integrate statushero with slack and asana, the integration will provide you some activities about the tasks.

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this is a must have feature for us. We have used asana to build out tasks and projects well, but now they have grown in such a way that it is impossible to tell progress without drilling down into each task to look for comments or updates. Some projects have almost 100 tasks, and an activity feed to summarize what work has happened at the end of the week is a serious omission.

Additionally, being able to view history by users will allow me to see at a glance what my team is working on and reprioritizing if necessary.

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Anyone from Asana that can comment on this? @Marie?

Seeing a overview of what has been done (tasks added, completed, etc.) would do more to help us get projectmanagement done more easily.

I am echoing that this feature would be hugely helpful

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I am Sanjar Rahimov, a consultant in Juru Energy Ltd. an international energy consulting firm. Our teams were gradually shifting to Asana since August 2020 and so far we love it. There are a couple of suggestions though that could have made Asana better.

One of the inconveniences we are facing is when you are on any project or task page, it is not immediately obvious what recent activities have been performed. Inbox shows recent activities but it includes all projects and tasks where you are an assignee or collaborator.

One of the possible solutions is that Asana could introduce a window on the right-hand side of the project/task where activities are shown live (project/task-specific). User can determine what type of activities wants to see.

Seeing activities live has the benefit of identifying quickly where the “action” is taking place and jumping in performing tasks quickly.

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Hi @Sanjar_Rahimov, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main request to consolidate feedback. We will update the main thread as soon as we have any news about this feature or something similar. Thanks again for your feedback!

I don’t see why there isn’t already a simple setup of this to see if it will be used.
Something to get activity and changes for each project as tickets move around the board and latest comments made. Great in giving PM’s better overview of activity where they are not directly involved.

Having to look for activity in large boards causes wasted time.

This gets my vote - even in the simplest form to begin with.

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I agree! this is an improtant thread and you make a very good point @Halldór_Áskell_Premi
Having such overview will add so much producitivty and effectiveness to any project lead.

Agree - its hard to understand what changes have been made to a board right now which makes it very onerous to review a teams work as a project manger or organizational manager

This has been open for a few years - is there any update if this is on the 2021 year roadmap or unscheduled ? @Emily_Roman @Rashad_Issa


I don’t have visibility on the road map for this year, @Hello-Nik but you can keep an eye on the announcements as they get released on this forum!

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