Inbox filtering per team/project

Hi Asana, have you got some news about:

  • filter by team
  • filter bu project



The absence of Asana is incredible.
I’m really evaluating a porting to other solutions :frowning:

The porting will be a nightmare, but today there is a lot of more power and usable tools.


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Yes please, we should discuss on Reddit (here is obviously forbidden) about alternative with manageable inboxes and porting possibilities. We are very frustrated too. It’s been many many years with Asana and I can sentence that they became more and more deaf to user requests year by year.
Very disappointed.


We have 240 projects and 9 teams. At this scale Inbox is useless for Project Managers.

Filtering is too poor. Comunication is not working cos Asana is missing simple feature like others platforms have - filtering by project or by portfolio or by team. Implementing it is so easy. Why it is not there yet?

We really looking into other solutions now cos this blocking issue.
And we are on Business plan…

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Would be amazing to be able to filter the inbox view by project. It’s very distracting and inefficient to have to comb through messages from all the projects I’m on tagging me with questions and requests and have to be context switching throughout rather than being able to focus my time looking at one project’s inbox tags to me and then moving on to the next

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Thanks for your feedback, @Jenna_Hasenkampf! We. already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Inbox filtering per team/project to consolidate feedback!


Upping this too. I’m a consultant hosting several client projects on our Asana space, and I need to be able to comb through my inbox for a specific project only.

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Any news about when this will be resolved? We find it very confusing to manage messages because it is not possible to filter messages by project. This makes it hard to communicate.

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Do you think someone will reply to Twitter?