Inbox filtering per team/project

Lack of this feature is a jugular flaw in a product that could be so great. Unfortunate.


Hi ASANA in 2 years are you able to give us a date of release of this requested feature?
Or you should reply that you consider it unuseful.



Adding my vote here to this request. I really shouldn’t have to repeat all the extremely persuasive and clearly logical rationale behind the need for this issue. But maybe the two years of thread up until now hasn’t hit Asana’s critical mass of caring about this (what should be obvious) feature request so maybe this will tip them/you over the edge.


Hello Asana team, I add my request to previous users’ comments on ** this thread which was opened more than two years ago ** for which no official feedback has yet been provided. If and when do you plan to implement this functionality?
Your feedback on this feature/request would be appreciated, thank you.


It’s amazing (ironically) how the Asana team doesn’t give an answer to this request from thousands of their customers who have been waiting for more than 3 years.
Can I assign a task to your dev dept? (not ironic)


Stuff like this is one of the main reasons I am looking to migrate away from Asana. Simple functionality such as this, assigning multiple team members to the same task, and push notification reminders that are among many highly requested features that Asana does not seem to care about. It is a shame, because I love Asanas simple interface, but updates that are needed seem to go by the wayside.

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I’d like to only be able to see notifications about tasks within one project. Currently, the Inbox allows you to filter by tasks “assigned to me,” where I’m @mentioned, tasks “assigned by me” and “undread” but if I could filter to look at notifications by Project I could focus on one project at a time.

Currently, the closest thing that could come close to what you’re describing may be utilizing the Premium Plan feature “Advanced Search” to create a saved search criteria targeted to a specific project, however there isn’t a modifier string specifically for notifications, so it’s not the same thing.


Hello @Cassandra_Dinel welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

I agree this would be very helpful :slight_smile:
I recommend upvoting this existing feedback request: Inbox filtering per team/project

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Hello Asana,

I work as a manager in an IT company, we use Asana for all tasks and is great, but i have a suggestion that I am 100% sure will help anyone that uses Asana on a business level.

I really love both the “inbox” notification system and the fact you can archive notifications, but from my perspective, I’m handling different tasks from different project and for me would be extremely useful if I could see the notifications from just a specific project, better yet, for me, I would really like if in the filter option from Inbox to have the ability to create custom folders in which I can add the project I want and see notifications strictly from that set of project.

As I see you already have the filter option in Inbox menu, I think this would be not a big development and the effect would be awesome.

Thank you,
Have a great day!

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Hello @anon75450540 ,

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I can’t agree more with you on this one. There is already a topic requesting this precious functionality. This thread will be merged with the thread below, I strongly recommend adding your vote there.




what is the progress on this?

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Currently in the Inbox you can only Filter by All, Assigned to me and Mentioned.

It would be great to see additional filters in the Inbox which would help people who are over multiple projects within the business easily access what is required for what they are looking for.

Such beneficial filters would be;

  1. Team
  2. Project
  3. Person
  4. Comments Vs State changes



This would be super helpful! As well as allowing teams to focus on their priorities.


Hi Adam,

100% agree with this. I personally find myself so often wishing for a “filter-by-project”.

I have merged your post with the already existing request which has more votes. You can upvote that request.



Recently, I noticed Asana was testing out a search field within the Inbox menu on a beta version of the iOS app for a day. It looked half-baked, and it was removed the next day.

If they continue in that direction, there is a good chance that they are adding an Advanced search for the Inbox, which makes a lot of sense to me. That would give us all the flexibility to filter inbox notifications by project, teams, people, etc. :pray:


This is my greatest need for Asana - filter inbox by team! Has anyone come up with a workaround that would make this possible? Like some sort of a search that can be filtered by team?


Being without this feature is AGONIZING. I’ve got a ton of notifications and I am thinking by project but can’t focus my efforts that way because there’s no filter for it.

I’ve already upvoted this feature–what more can we do to get our voice heard by Asana?

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The new “From Person” inbox filter is amazing and super helpful. Now, we need one for “From Project” and “From Team.” If we can at least get a filter for “From Project,” I’d be happy with that.

While this is more of a nice-to-have feature, it would be helpful if there was a way to archive all filtered results.

Thank you @Erjon_Metohu, for your feedback.
I just wanted to give you a heads-up that “From Person” filter is now available in Mobile inbox to 100% of customers :tada:


The development of Inbox and Notifications is great. Can we expect the filtering by project in near future?