Way too many Email Notifications going to my Team Despite Adjustments in the Notification Tab

There are too many emails being sent out to my teammates. I am getting feedback that if this is the volume of emails coming out of Asana, we need to switch to a new tool. I really like Asana’s features aside from the excessive spamming. Is there any way I can control the flow of emails for everyone?

Hi @Chunny_Varaich , welcome to the forum :wave:

By default, Asana’s email notifications are enabled, prompting new users to remember to visit Asana by letting them know of all activities going on.

You can definitely switch these off, which will reduce considerably the ‘excessive spamming’ you and your teammates are experiencing.

You can get everyone to:

  1. Click on your profile photo/avatar (top right corner) and choose ‘Settings’
  2. Click on the ‘Notifications’ tab and scroll down to ‘Email notifications’
  3. Uncheck the boxes to disable the relevant emails

As a consultant & trainer, I recommend to all my clients to definitely disable the first two checkboxes, after their first few days using Asana. From then on, they will definitely need to check their Inbox and My tasks throughout the day, everyday, otherwise they may miss out on important notifications.

The next two checkboxes could be left enabled since ‘Daily summaries’ will send only one email every morning, while ‘Weekly reports’ will send one email each week.

If you are still receiving emails regarding Asana itself, such as features or links to the guide, these will eventually stop after a while. They are simply designed to get new users familiar with the product and provide useful learning resources to help with adoption and enablement.

Hope this helps and that you and your team give Asana another chance :wink:

Also in the notification tab, scroll down to “Project notifications” and click the button → you’ll see dozens of projects still notify you of new tasks…

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