Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose

Both @MasaHagiwara and @Bastien_Siebman answered it quite clearly.


You say won’t allow reading or editing a Template.
I’m asking if they will be able to read or edit a job that is already
set up - will they be able to read, edit or add additional tasks
from the Mobile App.

I think it’s relatively clear, @Linda_Lewis .

Any project (and task within that project) that has been, or will be, created via the old or new Template will be treated like any other project. It will be readable and editable via the mobile app.

It’s the new Template itself that isn’t currently accessible (readable or editable).

Keep in mind that a Template is different than a Project.

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Thank you for clarifying. Yes, I do know the difference between a Template and
a Project. But the way this Mobile App communication came out from Asana
it did not specify TEMPLATE.

I’m curious if any one else has noticed or had issues with the following since V2 was introduced…

  • the projects created from templates seem to load slower than they did previously. a project that used to take 1 minute to load now takes close to 5 mins. (Have already tried moving the old templates into the new version, trying different web browsers, clearing cache, using the Asana desktop app)

  • when we click on the + symbol on the Team level to add a project using a template, it now defaults to show a view of templates built under the given team itself. This proves to be a little more finicky now for my company’s use of templates. My company prefers the view that defaults to our company’s custom templates. Our Teams are divided by regions (ie. Japan, Australia, Iceland, etc) and the templates that we have created are meant to offer a basic workflow for any regional Team to use. I’m aware that there is a drop-down menu where we can access the other template use cases, but currently, unless the templates are created under each regional Team (cumbersome and problematic for version control in our case) then there are now a couple more additional steps for us to take to create a project from a template than there were before. Not to mention it being a more circuitous process.


@Di_Francis definitely agree on your second point. It took me a while to be able to find the new Templates, and I’m still working on getting them all moved to the correct teams. But really I’d like to be able to just access all our custom Templates from any Team.

Also, anyone else notice that the Member Notification Settings default to all being checked? It’s overriding my personal setting, which is not to be notified when Tasks are added to a project. I believe the previous Templates would use your personal setting here. Small but annoying point.


Hi @Bastien_Siebman ,

How do you define project membership in the V2 templates? I only can set Team privacy on the template and give access to certain persons but I don’t see where I can add other members so that they are automatically added as a member when I create the project :thinking:

Or do I miss something?

Hi @Thomas_D,

Click here:


That’s concerning indeed because incoherent with the way a project works, where a box checked will be overridden by your personal settings.

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  1. No icon indicator that a task has subtasks.

Thanks @Aaron_Paul , added it, that’s a big one :sweat_smile:

One of my biggest pet peeves is software companies who create new versions but take away features. I think this conduct is both shameful and unconscionable. I don’t like the tradeoffs. Too much lost for what is gained. From what I am seeing, I don’t want version 2. Please don’t force me to take it!


Adding to the list:

  • Can’t use task templates or even duplicate tasks as a workaround.

  • Can’t select multiple tasks or subtasks (to change due dates/assignee, drag/drop, etc.)

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Can you clarify what you mean?
Multi-select was already in the list :+1:

Great list! Thank you!
For us is a big problem that people without “can edit” permission can’t just look through template. Our team need to to it just to check actual scheme of work. We need to create project on the base of this template every time that needs too much time.

Sorry, Bastien! I didn’t make it through all the comments so I obviously missed that you’d already noted that multi-select is missing in V2.

As for my other note: in V2, it’s impossible to duplicate tasks. It also offers the option to create task templates in the customize section on the right… but then no way to actually use the task templates within the project template! :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Thanks @Alece_Ronzino both added!

Glad to see this extensive list of points of what we actually lose with the new templates. I raised a few points already end of April but my feed was closed…

Here are a few points extra for the list:

  • No timeline view : No clear overview of the template as timeline view is not existing. Setting up dependencies and controlling them is really difficult.
  • Use template in another team : When creating a new project and using a template from another team, you have to reselect the team you want the project to be created.
  • Only a limited amount of teams can be selected When choosing a team where template has to be applied, no possibility to scroll all existing teams. Meaning for new teams, you have to move up the newly created team so it appears in the menu!

Points already listed but still would underline:

  • Update subtasks : Subtasks count is not displayed in the template mode. You need to go in the details of the task to see them. Much more complex to understand the content and update once again as you can’t unroll the subtask like a normal project.
  • Due date setup : Following the above point, if adding a new task or updating due date of your template, it’s really difficult to understand if a task is x days after another one. Having the calendar view was helping to know which day each task should go. (linked to the timeline view option)
  • No colour/icon choice

We try to avoid switching to the new template as it will be really difficult to work with it in the current state.

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That’s a really weird thing, can you maybe create a dedicated thread for this one? Seems too specific to add to my list, but worth creating a thread.

I added

  1. No ability to create dependencies with tasks outside the template
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