Say Hello to Project Templates 2.0!

Hi everyone :wave:

I’m excited to announce that we have given custom project templates a functional makeover! If you’ve used project templates in the past, you might have ran into one of the below scenarios:

  1. When a task in a template is assigned to someone, the template task shows up as an actionable task in the assignee’s My Tasks
  2. Dates in a template stay the same, so once you create a project from the template, the dates are not relative
  3. It’s hard to find all templates for a specific team in one place

Project Templates 2.0 resolves these quirks! :clap:

What’s Changing?

  • Tasks assigned in project templates will no longer show in the assignee’s My Tasks.
  • Due dates are relative and are based off the project start or end dates. (16)
Relative Due Dates

What’s New?

  • We’re implementing a Template Builder! Here you will be able to create your project template, add assignees, relative due dates and adjust task details.
  • We’re introducing template access permissions. You will be able to decide if members have edit or use only access to templates.
  • You can now find all templates related to a team in the Team Overview page.

Template Builder

What Features are Supported?

  • Forms, Rules and Dependencies are supported right now.
  • Apps/Integrations/Dashboards are not supported just yet but our Product team are working on introducing these very soon!

Check out the below resources for how to use Project Templates 2.0 and how to migrate your existing templates to the new format:

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are! :star_struck: We can’t wait to hear your feedback in the comment below! :speech_balloon:


@Rebecca_McGrath, thanks for sharing this. Are we sure this is working as expected? I am still having trouble of duplicating the charts in the dashboard when using template, which I thought this is solved in here by this release?


THANK YOU @Rebecca_McGrath these are much appreciated.

Q: what about the Overview tab. Certain elements such as project status widget placement was not coming through. Is/will that be fixed. Part of setting up a template is how you want PMs to report so it is consistent throughout the org.

I tested and it does not work.

I also test charts and they do not carry over as suggested here.

After conversion to 2.0, when you edit, you do not have access to the Overview or Dashboard?


Let me check this with our Product team, @Shaohong_Bai! I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update :slight_smile:

Great question, @Getz_Pro. Details from the Overview tab will not be carried over into the new project right now however this is something our Product team are working on as a priority for project templates. I’ll keep you posted and let you know when this is coming!


Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath

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SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!! Can’t wait to test this out. Thanks for listening to our feedback and taking action so quickly!


Howdy! I love this - thank you!

Are these features retroactive to templates that have already been created? Or do we need to create new projects using the new template builder? The assignees in my templates are still seeing those tasks appear in their my-task list.


There are two parts to this answer:

  1. You can convert an existing older template now, by selecting “Remove from Templates” on the project menu, then immediately going back to that menu and selecting '“Save as Template”. That will convert and save it in the new format.

Please note: if you have the new templates in your organization, then once you use “Remove from Templates” on an older-version template, you cannot go back to having it be in the older version! So make sure you’re ready to convert and are aware of the features not yet present in the newer templates, before you remove one as an older template.

  1. From May to August (at least that’s the current timeline I’ve heard), ALL older templates will be converted to the new format. So if you don’t convert one manually yourself as in #1 above, it’ll get converted eventually anyway.

These are worth noting:

@Rebecca_McGrath, maybe you can add them to OP?




Great news for eveyrone !
Is it possible to get all those new feature, especially the new building menu on existant templates ?

Beat regards

See my answer above:


Thanks @Phil_Seeman it works like a charm !

Other things: Did you notice that we cannot add milestone anymore on new template builder ? Or maybe i’m not doing it the good way ?

I can only add Task or Section at the moment, what about you ?

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Yeah, @nvlopp, I dont know why but you can’t do it from there in PT 2.0. To make a milestone, go into a task’s detail pane and use the “Task” dropdown at the top:


Thanks @Phil_Seeman for the workaround :wink:

That is awesome, definitely Project Templates needed a revamp and here it is. Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath !

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2 questions

    • How can i make a Template available to everyone? it seems i can only make available for a Team
    • Dashboard are NOT being inherited from a Template, what am i doing wrong?

Hi Jose,

That’s correct, Project Templates 2.0 are team-specific (except in a non-organization workspace where there are no teams).


More exciting news coming your way…

It’s now possible to convert a task to a project using a project template! :tada:

Just click the three dot menu and scroll down to Convert to where you’ll have the option to select Project > Use a template! :clap:


Can you talk about why Apps are no longer permitted in the new template? Are these coming back soon? We use these a lot!

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