Templates V2 are here, time for a good clean up

:champagne: Finally, Templates V2 are here… and you’re wondering what will happen to your old V1 Templates?

:white_check_mark: And the answer is simple: they’re going to be automatically migrated, from V1 to V2.

:information_source: The thing is: Templates V1 were regular Asana projects with a grey banner at the top saying “I am a template”.

:mag_right: While Templates V2 are a new kind of object, and they live under the template section of a team. When you edit a template v2, you’ll notice the interface is different, this is no regular project.

:package: When a V1 template turns into a V2 OR when you turn a project into a V2 template, the original V1 template/project will be archived automatically.

:broom: The problem with V1 template was also its main benefit: it was, at least at first, a simple project. So you probably have a lot of “templates” lying around that are actually only regular projects…

:+1: General rule of thumb: a project with the word “template” in its name BUT without a grey banner at the top saying this is a template is NOT a template and is probably confusing everyone and cluttering the space. Archive them!

:fr: Version Française


Is this rolling out slowly, I don’t see any difference in my templates.

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I believe it is fully rolled out. Depending on when you create the templates, they were potentially already v2.

Hi there, i’m sorry if this is misallocated but I had an issue this morning. I discovered that when a project is created from a template… people that were assigned to certain tasks (already in the template) were not notified of the creation of the new task! with them as the assignee.

Is this right? can i twich something to prevent this and make mass notification when a new project is created?


I did not know. It only fails to notify for certain assigned tasks or all of them? They will see it in My Tasks though, this is not enough in your case?

all of them!
no, sadly is not enough.

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Is there a way to archive templates? We had a number of projects for a single client based on a template, and that client’s contract ended. We want to keep templates tidy, but don’t want to delete them forever in case they’re relevant for future clients. It was so nice in the old way where you could archive the template just like a regular project.

I suggest turning the template into a project and archive the project. You can re-create the template later if needed @Rachael_Salisbury

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