Templates V2 are here, time for a good clean up

:champagne: Finally, Templates V2 are here… and you’re wondering what will happen to your old V1 Templates?

:white_check_mark: And the answer is simple: they’re going to be automatically migrated, from V1 to V2.

:information_source: The thing is: Templates V1 were regular Asana projects with a grey banner at the top saying “I am a template”.

:mag_right: While Templates V2 are a new kind of object, and they live under the template section of a team. When you edit a template v2, you’ll notice the interface is different, this is no regular project.

:package: When a V1 template turns into a V2 OR when you turn a project into a V2 template, the original V1 template/project will be archived automatically.

:broom: The problem with V1 template was also its main benefit: it was, at least at first, a simple project. So you probably have a lot of “templates” lying around that are actually only regular projects…

:+1: General rule of thumb: a project with the word “template” in its name BUT without a grey banner at the top saying this is a template is NOT a template and is probably confusing everyone and cluttering the space. Archive them!

:fr: Version Française


Is this rolling out slowly, I don’t see any difference in my templates.

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I believe it is fully rolled out. Depending on when you create the templates, they were potentially already v2.