Would like to create a template - but do we really have to upgrade?

Do we really need to upgrade our account in order to create and use templates?

I am asking because my company is not sold on upgrading, and we would like to use Asana to help us manage new hire tasks. I am trying to figure out the best way to execute this for our team.
I need to assign tasks to different managers for when they have a new employee reporting to them. Anyone have any recommendations??

I have a project called “Templates” where I create tasks that I repeat a lot. If there’s a lot of steps in the process, I create them as subtasks. I leave them unassigned in this project and then just copy them and assign them as needed.

Here is my template for tasks:


One of the tasks (a Refresh task that I use when restoring our databases):

I include notes for the steps you take to successfully copy the task to someone else in the description, and the the actual tasks are subtasks.

We have a project template that we copy to set up new projects when we begin to do user stories (We’ve recently started adopting Agile methodologies):

We just copy the project:

Hopefully this gives you some ideas. Let me know if you have questions.


Thanks Ryan! This is what I thought I had to do, and I appreciate sharing this with me,

No problem!

All star answer @RyanE!

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If you are afraid your template will be modified, you can keep a copy in a private team :wink: