How do you leave all tasks in a project?

I’m not sure if this is what’s happening. Can someone please confirm or advise me if I’m doing something wrong?

  1. When someone shares a project with me, I think I’m added as a collaborator on all tasks.
  2. Sometimes the project becomes irrelevant to me later on, but I continue to get Inbox alerts for task updates.
  3. I know I can leave each task individually, but instead I leave the whole project.
  4. When I leave a project, it seems like I’m not removed from any of the tasks. I continue to get task notifications after leaving.

Is this expected behaviour?

Hi @Justine_D, great question! :slight_smile:

Firstly, when added to a project, you are not automatically added as a Collaborator on all tasks in that project. You will be added as a Collaborator if you interact with certain tasks (comment, like etc.) or if you are added manually.

Similarly, leaving a project will not remove you as a collaborator on all tasks. You would need to be removed from each task manually if you wish to no longer receive notifications.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I think I figured out the issue. It’s because I built the project templates we use, so I’m automatically a collaborator on all the tasks I created in those templates – so every time the project template gets used, I’m added as a collaborator on all those tasks as well…

That’s a little annoying. Is there any way to mass-remove myself from multiple tasks manually? Or do I have to go and leave every single task in every project template individually?

There is a way to do this in batches:

Advanced Search / Multi-select Tasks / (task editing black selection tool pops up) / Click on 3 dots to bring up other task options / Add Collaborators / click on box to “x” yourself off.

(and yup, templates create SO MUCH unexpected work due to poor design).

Thank you! This helps. Although can only do 50 tasks at a time, which is somewhat annoying. Definitely an opportunity to streamline templates. Maybe an option for what fields are actually part of the template – I can see instances when collaborators might be nice to have templated.

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