Form branches connected to the same field without overwrite

I have set up an intake form with continetns and countries as input for the user.
My first question is to select the Continent from a ‘Single Selection’ field:

Please select the Continent:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Africa
    This question is connected with my ‘Continent’ field in my project

Then, I added branches to each of the continent options to select the country - that means that when the user selects Europe for instance, the user will then have to choose one between the European countries (Spain, France etc…). If the user selects North America, the user will have to select one North American country (US, Mexico etc…).

I tried to connect the country questions to the same project field ‘Country’ but when I do that, the European Countries, the North American countries etc…they populate in different individual Countries field in my project, not in the same column/field as I wanted.

Any suggestion to resolve this?

Hi @Tommaso1

I just recreated your scenario in my workspace, and it was working correctly. Do you have any additional form questions tied to the country field? Or, do you have rules that may affect your country field within the project?

I have all the country questions tied to the country field.
I have as many country questions as the branches (one for each continent).

Nor rules connected.

Basically, I have a branch for Europe that ask to input the Country from a list of ONLY european countries

Then I have a branch for Africa that ask to input the Country from a list of ONLY african countries

I tried to link both country questions to the same country field of my project. But I keep overwriting the 2 lists (when I link the Africna Country list, it overwrites the European, and viceversa…)

I see.

This is expected behavior as Asana does issue a warning when connecting two questions to the same field.

To avoid this, you would have to just have a master list with ALL countries listed out instead of having one list for Europe, one list for Africa, etc.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a custom field called countries
  • Add all countries needed
  • Repeat the same branched question approach in your form and nothing should overwrite

Yeah thanks, that was my workaround too. However I was tryng to avoid showing the users countries that were in the previous continent selection. Just for a better user experience.


Makes total sense. Definitely, something Asana could look into. This use case is an excellent example of it.

The only other workaround I can think of is having separate custom fields for Europe, Africa, North America, etc, but that clutters up the project, which you are clearly not wanting to do.

Hey guys!

I think this can be solved by simply using a text-field for the ‘Countries’ in the project. You can keep all your form as it is with your single-select options for the group of countries per continent. Once the form is submitted it will write your single-select option into the text field! :smiley:

The only draw back is that you can only sort your Country field alphabetically and won’t be able to create a chart using this field in the project’s Dashboard :confused:

Thanks Richard. Yes I am trying to avoid any text field, since I can’t use it in the dashboard which is pretty annoying. It looks like Asana has a lot of functionalities that are missing that are really preventing me to do what I need to do.

Another thing: why my count of tasks in the dashboard doesn’t match my count of tasks in the project? no filter is on

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Resolved. It looks like the charts in the dashboards only properly refresh if you close Asana and re-open it - other annoying limitation.

Hey @Tommaso1 , yeah so if needing the chart in a dashboard is a deal-breaker, then your best bet would be to have a single-select dropdown of all the countries, like @Mike_Tammaro suggested but instead, skip your ‘Continent’ question without the branching of the form. Perhaps by having one single question for ‘Country’ would also simplify your form for the submitter… :person_shrugging:

And yeah, dashboards need a few seconds to refresh… a reload usually also helps.