ASANA Form - Connecting to a field that has existing branches

Hey there,

I have recently finished a form that stems from 3 different options using branches. There are a large amount of questions within each branch (30+). Upon finishing I realized that I did not create the first leader question (What is the purpose of this request?) into a custom field and directly typed it into the form which pulls to the description.

Is there a way to add the field but keep the existing branches as is? I don’t want to have to go back through the whole form and move every question around to a new fielded question if possible. From what i’m seeing there’s no easy way to drag a full “Branch” of questions from one single select to another.

Welcome, @Kayle_Crist,

I believe you’ll have to drag one field at a time into the branches you’ll newly create.

That can be painstaking but at least it’s just a one-time thing.

You might want to do this at a time when the project is not in use, and first duplicate the project to make a backup, just in case you need it to start over.



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