💍 One single form to rule them all

When an organization starts looking at forms in Asana, that usually opens up a new world for them. I think this is one of the most underused features of Asana, to be honest!

But at one point, managing several forms could be complex. And it is even more complex to keep track of all the forms, where they are, and what is the link to share them.

A solution is to merge several (simple) forms into a new one. The trick? Add a first question in the form, being « What is your request regarding? » and based on the answer from that drop-down, use the branching mechanism to show the appropriate next questions. Then use Rules to move the submission into the right project so the right team is notified.

PS: this idea was initially shared by @lpb on the forum!


Here are some additional details on how to accomplish that aspect of this tip:


Thanks a lot Phil for the link!

Forms are such a powerful Asana feature; I concur, @Bastien_Siebman.

Form branching is a Business plan feature so that’s required to use this tip, as I point out here:

I’d combine forms sparingly anyway–sure, if they’re related then branching may be reasonable and natural, but even with the Business plan I think it’s more complicated to do this for otherwise unrelated forms.


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