Drop down list in a form

Hello everyone!

I’ve just started my journey with Asana and it has been amazing. It is a really game change.
Cutting to the chase, I’m creating a form, but for some reason I don’t have drop down option to add to my form. Any Asana guru knows why?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the options available.

Thank you guys :wink:

Hello @Tiago2, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave: Great to hear that Asana has already helped you improve your processes.

In terms of the drop-down I think you refer to the multi-select field.

Once you select it you have the ability to add all options.

If you want people to only be able to pick one choice then add the „single-select“ field

Brilliant @Andrea_Mayer, thank you.
I was checking an old guide, everything sorted now!

Again, thank you very much :facepunch::sunglasses:

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