Bring back ability to filter down drop down list on task creation to find options quicker

When you create an Asana task you can have an option to select something, in my case its a list of our branches. We have over 100 branches so it can be a bit tedious scrolling through them all.

Previously, you could press the key of the first letter of the branch to jump straight to that in alphabetical order (e.g. H for Hull)

I don’t know why but this feature was removed and it now slows down work efficiency.

Hi @James_Brewster1 , welcome to the forum :wave:

This feature only works for single-select dropdown fields, where you can indeed type the first letter and it will jump to that in the list. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible with multi-select dropdown fields.

Can you confirm that your ‘branches’ custom field that you mentioned is a multi-select type and thus being the reason?

If so, I could rephrase your topic title to relate to enabling this feature for multi-select fields. Let me know!

PS. can you also elaborate on what you mean by task creation? Is this in the List view or Task details, or using the orange + Create button?

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