Make custom fields searchable

As a suggestion, it would be very helpful if a dropdown custom field could :

  1. Display entries alphabetically
  2. Make it searchable. I have a dropdown custom field with many many entry selections. Right now in order to find something one must scroll through all the available entries and if there are a lot it makes very hard to impossible to find what you want. If you could start typing 1-2 letters and narrow down the available entries it would be excellent!



What the latest with this !? It should be standard feature!



we store important structured data (such as an order ID) in custom fields, so that they are more visible and can also be accessed by the API.
Unfortunately, we can only search the contents of these custom fields very laboriously. Neither the normal nor the advanced search find the content of the custom fields. Only if you explicitly set the advanced search filters you will find the corresponding tasks.

It would be very useful to make the content of the custom fields accessible via the not explicitly set search or at least to make the custom fields configurable so that they are easily searchable, with one click on the search and not 7 clicks to setup the advanced filters.



otherwise we have to save this information in the title of the task, which we would like to avoid, because this data is not structured properly


Have a look at Make custom fields searchable and @Marie will probably merge your thread :wink:

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If there is a large list of options in a dropdown in a Custom Field, the user must manually scroll through dozens of options to find the correct option.

This seems like the user experience should be greatly enhanced. Check out something like when you want to select a category for a transaction. As you type, only the options that match what has been typed remain.

Basically, a user should have the option to type and use the up and down keys instead of needing to mouse and scroll for every dropdown. This would greatly improve task data entry.


Hi to All,
We need to choose an option from a very long list of drop down custom field. How could we make it easy to find and choose? Can we seacrh and find like in tags?
Thanks for your help,

Hi Kivanc,

You can type into the custom field box, which will autosearch for you.


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Hi Carl,
I can not see the custom field box. I can only scroll down and up. Please see below screenshot:

It would really help if there is a way to do this.

Best regards,

Hi Kivanc,

I thought you were searching a certain type of custom field in the custom field list in the Project Settings window. You can’t autosearch in the custom field list in a task.

Thank you for your support Carl, it is a pitty we do not have this option yet. Best regards,

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Thanks for your feedback @Kivanc_Koza; I have moved your post to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other Forum members to vote for this request!

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@Marie, would you mind merging this feature request with another one I found that is the same? I would like for it to get some more traction. Here is the link to the one I found:


Of course @ThatGuy! Just merged them there!

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@Marie, I found one more related feature request that is the same as this one but with an even better description of the request. Not only does the request linked below suggest that custom field drop down menus should be searchable, but it also says they should be listed alphabetically. This is a good clarification to the request because searching the drop down menu by typing would be most beneficial if the returned results were shown alphabetically.

^^^If you can merge them then this request should be the primary feature request since it is the most descriptive.

Thanks again!


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: We have a custom text field for tracking tasks. Generic search doesn’t search within the field. For example, if there is a “940” in the field, searching for “940” does not return that task as a result. Using advanced search and adding a search filter to look specifically in the custom field works.

Steps to reproduce: search for text that only appears in a custom field

Browser version: Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 on Windows 10

Upload screenshots below: not needed

Hi @David_Perry and my apologies for the delay in responding to you. This is actually an expected behaviour; as it stands our Advanced Search does not support custom field value. We already have a #productfeedback thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread. Feel free to click on “Vote” at the top of this thread to record your vote!

Just would like to add my 2 cents heure :star_struck:
To me, the custom fields should be :

  1. Searchable (by typing in the column header should retrieve the tasks with the entered data)
  2. Filterable by typing directly in the column name (show or add tasks depending on selected data)
  3. Sortable (1 click to have it sorted by alphabetical order, 2 clicks to have it sorted the other way (from “z” to “a”))

In fact, it would be great to have a feature as the multi-select list from Excel!


Its been about three years now. How’s this feature coming along?