Make custom fields searchable



As a suggestion, it would be very helpful if a dropdown custom field could :

  1. Display entries alphabetically
  2. Make it searchable. I have a dropdown custom field with many many entry selections. Right now in order to find something one must scroll through all the available entries and if there are a lot it makes very hard to impossible to find what you want. If you could start typing 1-2 letters and narrow down the available entries it would be excellent!


Easily search content of custom fields
Easily search content of custom fields

What the latest with this !? It should be standard feature!



we store important structured data (such as an order ID) in custom fields, so that they are more visible and can also be accessed by the API.
Unfortunately, we can only search the contents of these custom fields very laboriously. Neither the normal nor the advanced search find the content of the custom fields. Only if you explicitly set the advanced search filters you will find the corresponding tasks.

It would be very useful to make the content of the custom fields accessible via the not explicitly set search or at least to make the custom fields configurable so that they are easily searchable, with one click on the search and not 7 clicks to setup the advanced filters.



otherwise we have to save this information in the title of the task, which we would like to avoid, because this data is not structured properly


Have a look at Make custom fields searchable and @Marie will probably merge your thread :wink:


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