Can we make a search in a drop down type custom field?



Hi to All,
We need to choose an option from a very long list of drop down custom field. How could we make it easy to find and choose? Can we seacrh and find like in tags?
Thanks for your help,


Hi Kivanc,

You can type into the custom field box, which will autosearch for you.



Hi Carl,
I can not see the custom field box. I can only scroll down and up. Please see below screenshot:

It would really help if there is a way to do this.

Best regards,


Hi Kivanc,

I thought you were searching a certain type of custom field in the custom field list in the Project Settings window. You can’t autosearch in the custom field list in a task.


Thank you for your support Carl, it is a pitty we do not have this option yet. Best regards,


Thanks for your feedback @Kivanc_Koza; I have moved your post to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other Forum members to vote for this request!