Advanced search on Custom Fields appears not to work

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Hello. I have a custom field (Auto Id, text) added to my project, and therefore available/exposed on the tasks.

I want to be able to query for a particular value. I am attempting to do this by clicking into the Search box in the upper right, and selecting 'Add filter → Add custom field". A search box is displayed where the name of the custom field can be entered.

When I enter “Auto Id”, it reports “No Matches”.

Screen shot attached showing list view with the custom field displayed and the Add Custom field dialog reporting no matches found.

This happens both on the browser interface as well as using the desktop app (Mac).

Hi @Justin_Harris, thanks for reaching out!

Could you please confirm if any of the tasks in the project have the Auto Id field filled in? I can see from the screenshot you have provided that the Auto Id field value is empty for the tasks in view. The advanced search will only show tasks that have the Auto Id value filled in.

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Some tasks to have it populated.

Do have …

Just letting you know that while I attempted to reproduce this, I found a possibly related issue, which I’ve filed separately: Some custom field names aren't available in Advanced Search

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Hello, yes this is exactly the same.

My answer probably applies then Some custom field names aren't available in Advanced Search - #2 by Bastien_Siebman

Thanks for following up @Justin_Harris! As mentioned by Bastien here, the field must be added to the Org library to show in Advanced Search results. Is the Auto ID field added to your Org’s library?

If not, this is expected behaviour :slight_smile:

Okay. Perhaps this can be clarified in the documentation please. The section on searching via custom fields does not state that the field needs to be added to the org’s library ( I may now want to ‘polute’ the library with extraneous custom fields.


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