Search tasks with a specific custom field value

I already found that topic before but it’s different. As far as I understand it @Demetris_Roumbas asks
for the dropdown to be searchable when you’re setting the value. My request is to easily search values which are already set to the task especially for text custom fields where you can put arbitrary content.

@Marie can you please split the topics?

Hi @Matthias_M and thanks for reaching out. As requested, I’ve split your comment and created a brand new thread.

If I get you right, you’d like to be able to search for tasks containing a custom field with a specific value, correct?

You can actually already do this with the Advanced Search. Take a look at the screenshot below, I have created a test text custom field and was able to pull out all the tasks with “abc” for this field. Is that what you’re looking to achieve?

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Hi @Marie,

thanks for splitting.

Yes I know that this explicit search will work as I already wrote:

we store important structured data (such as an order ID) in custom fields, so that they are more visible and can also be accessed by the API.
Unfortunately, we can only search the contents of these custom fields very laboriously. Neither the normal nor the advanced search find the content of the custom fields. Only if you explicitly set the advanced search filters you will find the corresponding tasks.

It would be very useful to make the content of the custom fields accessible via the not explicitly set search or at least to make the custom fields configurable so that they are easily searchable, with one click on the search and not 7 clicks to setup the advanced filters.

The Problem with that workflow is that it takes a lot of clicks and so a lot of time. Why does the search not find all of them by default without needing to set that filter?


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I am very interested in the results of this as well. I completely agree. There are multiple values/benefits of custom fields, but one of them is certainly how they can aid in searching.

I have been following another topic about either getting Asana to expose a Task ID, provide an auto-numbering custom field (PREFERRED) or using a third-party to auto-populate an existing custom field (ProjectBuddy: One of the KEY VALUES to having auto-numbered Task numbers is that it allows users to easily discuss and search for specific Tasks. That key value is certainly hindered if the only process of searching involves the number of steps outlined in the ‘Advanced Search’ discussed in this thread.

@Asana: can you please provide some more feedback and explanation about the intent regarding the ability to search custom field values?


Hi all… .did we ever get movement here as I’ve just upgrade to use custom fields, and basically if you have to adopt so many steps to search custom fields this will render the entire concept useless

@greg6, Does How to Search For and Find Work in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide address the issue for you? Like any other custom search, if one with custom fields takes you time to set up each time, that’s a candidate for a saved search report, even if you have to use it as a template to set specific values.

Hope that helps,


wow… thankyou Larry for such a quick response… I have set up Job # as a custom field, and now have a need to search for this job # across all projects…so using Saved search only traps the single job # i had entered… I need this option to be dynamic so I can enter an appropriate Job # when i start the search… Any thoughts appreciated

Well, if job # is the only search term, can’t you just type the job number in the search field (simple search at top of page, not the search dialog)? I think you can find text or numeric custom field values this way.

Otherwise, what I was suggesting was to use the advanced search as a template to specify several search terms and including job # so you don’t have to pick it. But you would have to modify the search each time to enter just the job # value.

Thanks Larry… Sadly when you create a new custom field “not an Asana Global field” then when you enter the Job # into the generic search box at the top it reports back nothing… But yes your second comment is accurate that you can use as a template… Run it which will display the previous job # searched for… Press refine and then enter the actual job # you want and run search again… A bit messy really… Is this what you refer to or am I missing something… Do you think Asana will ever just simply allow search data to be entered and the system will search the entire DB to return results with location, project, field etc etc being irrelevant … Again thankyou for your time in trying to work a solution with me

Right, I forgot about non-global custom fields; sorry.

Yes, you understood correctly, though you can save a custom search and give it a name and it doesn’t have to have the old job # value in it; it could just be blank.

Finally, I couldn’t really hazard a guess about what may or may not be coming in Asana search, and Asana almost never says either! Sorry…


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Thanks Larry… Noted on the templates as well… Thanks again for your support here… nice to have an active support forum… Cheers and talk soon… Hopefully we can up vote this feature… Is Asana support watching this feed currently… How can I promote as program enhancement

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@Natalia or @Marie, Can you move to Product Feedback? Thanks!!


All done! Thanks for your help on this thread @lpb :pray:t3:

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Checking in on this. From what I can tell, this feature has not been implemented yet. May I ask if it is being worked on? I looked through the Product Feedback forum so that I could vote for it, but it appears the voting period must have ended since I cannot find the thread for it.

Anyway, just thought I’d voice my support for this idea. Ideally a search function should search ALL of the text associated with any project, including custom fields (both global and non-global). Basically if it’s text contained anywhere within a project, the search function should be able to see it by default. (In my opinion, of course)

Then the filters in the Advanced Search would enable you to turn off search-ability of certain elements (custom fields, comments, task names, etc) as needed.

From what I can tell, the current function of these “filters” (or at least, for the ones pertaining to fields are like this–I have not tested the other filters recently) is the opposite of this–selecting one of these elements turns search-ability on for the selected element. Which is strange to me, because this is the opposite of filtering. IMO these things should all be searchable by default.

Just my two cents. I think a small change like this would go a long way toward my organization’s increased utilization of Asana.

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It appears many of the people who commented on this post need to vote on it as well.

I and many others at my company think that it is dumb that the general search bar does not search the text in custom fields, regardless of whether the custom field is added to our library or not.

Very annoying.

I was checking in on this. I have the same issue regarding the problem. I find this annoying since the search bar function does not search all fields including the custom field we created. Even after 5 years since this forum is created the feature hasn’t been resolved.

The goal that I have is for my team to have hundreds of projects with their unique code but the code has its custom field to make it easier for us to find. But as we all know the search feature doesn’t work for the custom fields and to use the advanced search, it only works if the admin is the one who searches it since the collaborator can not add the field that is custom. We can put the unique code on the project name but for us to put the unique code there will make the project name too long.

Well for people who only have a couple of projects I think this feature is not necessary, but those who manage hundreds of projects will be very grateful for this little change to happen.