Search tasks with a specific custom field value


I already found that topic before but it’s different. As far as I understand it @Demetris_Roumbas asks
for the dropdown to be searchable when you’re setting the value. My request is to easily search values which are already set to the task especially for text custom fields where you can put arbitrary content.

Make custom fields searchable

@Marie can you please split the topics?


Hi @Matthias_M and thanks for reaching out. As requested, I’ve split your comment and created a brand new thread.

If I get you right, you’d like to be able to search for tasks containing a custom field with a specific value, correct?

You can actually already do this with the Advanced Search. Take a look at the screenshot below, I have created a test text custom field and was able to pull out all the tasks with “abc” for this field. Is that what you’re looking to achieve?