Advanced Search - Custom Field any value Not Working

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Some tasks are not appearing during an Advanced Search that should appear when searching by Custom Field. This seems to be limited to one project so far, but I can’t see why and need it fixed (we already have full project status history stored here - I can’t just create a new project). See screenshots. [added better screenshot of project that shows that assignee is not null]

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: agnostic (happening in Safari and Chrome)

Upload screenshots below:


I had this problem ages ago and it was to do with a random character in the “Contains the words”
Can you try just for the sample the letter “D” as that is in all of those tasks in your sample to confirm every other aspect of you search works.
Then make sure you clear the “Contains the words”…

I know this doesn’t sound logical but give it a go…



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