Ability to sort custom field options alphabetically (ascending/descending order) automatically in the settings available upon custom field creation

When setting up single- and multi-select custom fields and adding all the options to choose from there is no way to automatically have them sorted in alphabetical order (ascending and descending)

This would be important in terms of usability when team members have to select the appropriate option from the drop-down.

Depending on your preference such selections might be set up in the order of importance but a lot of times alphabetically as this is just the most common.

So let’s assume I have a custom field for job positions in an HR board and I list all positions in the drop down I have to manually sort them (drag and drop) and whenever I add a new name for a position I have to ensure it is added in the correct position. Which is okay if there are just a few options but if there are more it gets a bit tedious.

Especially considering that there might be more team members (coordinators) for example that have to regularly edit custom fields and add options. A lot of times somebody forgets to add it in the appropriate alphabetical order which then messes up the usability when team members have to select an option.

The same applies to other fields that have a lot of options. It would be awesome if there could be a button that automatically sorts them either in ascending or descending order.

P.s. have seen this existing product feedback thread but it is not exactly what I would like. As I would like the alphabetical sorting feature in the settings available upon custom field creation


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Andrea_Mayer! I will send it to our product team so they consider this on future updates for custom field :slight_smile:


Such a basic thing that is just automatic in any program that it is crazy this is not an option already.

Would also like this option.

We also hope to see this soon. Is there any update on this? :slight_smile:

+1, this would be valuable—especially when adding options to a picklist via the API. It would be pretty cumbersome and require a ton of calls, to run manual re-sorting in that way. Could probably be as simple as a asc/desc flag on the parent Field record.

Adding two cents that this would be a helpful feature for our organization as well. Its absence is especially noticeable when comparing Asana’s functionality 1:1 with competitors such as Airtable, along with other field-customization QoL options.

There isn’t a way to alphabetize a list of options in single select fields. Can we add a way to do this? This becomes cumbersome when we have more than a handful of choices.

@anon31366253, I’ll merge your request with another where you can vote at the top.


My use case:
I’m prioritizing hundreds of feature requests. We have an expanding list of areas that the improvement might assess and having them always be in order of adding makes it hard to know if the new area is needed or whether it exists. Also, I love a controlled vocabulary for reporting and not knowing what to add at a glance makes that hard.

In lieu of this feature, being able to start typing/search the drop down would work.

+1 need this feature, please, to sort custom fields in the edit view of the custom field

This is super necessary as it’s impossible to work with large lists

Did this ever get resolved? Not sure why some of the simplest features seem to be missing. I have close to 100 options, I’m to literally manually sit there and shift them all? Seems silly.

Adding my 2 cents to this request which appears to be very basic and hopefully a quick addition, but will be immensely useful to users with large lists of options / values.

Hoping the @Forum-team can escalate to the product team as I have numerous clients in tears over this… :sob:


Yet another request for this. Seems like a pretty basic request and may have been a deal breaker for us had we known prior to boarding the Asana ship.

Also requesting this feature. With the ability to create new views, I have created a new List view with the intention to sort by a custom field in alphabetical order. Without manual intervention to reorder the items in the custom field, the Sort order goes by the order of the custom field’s listing.

I’m also surprised that this has been requested for a couple of years at this point and we haven’t heard anything about it. This is a very significant inconvenience. Please put this feature on the roadmap and let us know that it will be coming.

Same here! Such a basic request I am still mind blown it is not an option.

Please add this feature! We use custom fields extensively and with a large number of values. Manually sorting them into alphabetical order is tedious and prone to errors in sorting.