Sorting columns by ascending or descending order in Search function

Hi there,

Something strange I noticed was that when you did a search, it has the Sort dropdown option at the top with an ascend and descend arrow next to it, however it only lets you select the option in the dropdown, there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually sort the result columns in ascending or descending order. Dates, Names, Titles etc

In my example, this would be helpful to allow you to view the oldest ticket in the list which hasn’t been modified recently at the top instead of only the Last modified at the top.



Yes you are correct you can’t change the order of the sort (yet).

@Rebecca_McGrath should we merge into Ability to reverse order when Sorting by Custom Fields and make it more general to all fields?

That would make sense, however that threads been around since 2017, would it help it gain traction?

I think any new message can help gain traction :slight_smile:

+1 from me on this. We just started using Asana and the lack of the ability to sort by Target Completion Date descending is going to hinder me quite a bit.

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