Sorting function in My Tasks (still not available?!!)

Hello Fellow Users,

Have the major deficiencies in sorting within Asana been fixed? I’m mainly looking for multilevel sorting in My Tasks (e.g. group by projects, then sort by date). I’ve been looking for this feature for at least 18 months, and I see posts going all the way back to 2017. I also noticed within the comments that you can only sort dates in ascending (not descending order).

This is basic-level functionality, and all the posts from mods say “vote for this feature”. C’mon, it’s been 4 years and nothing. What a joke. As soon as I can train the artists in my company to switch over to ANYTHING else, we are gone. What a disappointment. What am I paying for?!!!

I hope someone will talk me off the ledge and point me to where the sort functions are hiding. I’ve been holding my breath this long…

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My Tasks will soon be a regular project, but I believe projects don’t get that double sort either. @Jerod_Hillard I believe we talked about this in the past, didn’t we?

Sorry @accounting1

Yes, we have @Bastien_Siebman and @accounting1 is correct in that it’s been a popular request for some time now: Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example)

I remain hopeful that it will come, especially with My Tasks resembling a project with v2. That said, I genuinely see how this can often be an issue for those that need to see their information in a project through a customized view (likely involving multiple criteria sorting and filtering). It’s in my top 3 as the most desperately needed updates.

For now @accounting1, as much as I hate to admit, I accomplish this capability through the Google Sheets integration. I sync projects that require more customized views and save Filter Views so I can see the information I need within a click. It isn’t ideal (requiring steps outside Asana) but it at least allows me to see information the way I need to.

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@accounting1 and @Jerod_Hillard,

In case you haven’t tried it yet, my:

would be another workaround to try until/if Asana provides this functionality natively.


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Thanks @lpb. Aside from this subject but does Asana2Go offer Connect (Relational) and Mirror (Lookup) fields like Monday and Airtable?

@Jerod_Hillard, I’m not familiar with those products, but Asana2Go offers you easy access (without programming) to most everything the Asana API offers (but not quite everything, like comments and attachments) related to your selected tasks. I guess that’s sort of relational if that’s what you mean. And there’s a lookup function for access to your custom fields easily, and in general it vastly simplifies access to custom fields through creation of a simple array of custom fields in addition to the native one. You can also use the helpers to do math, concatenate, etc.

Hope that helps,


Larry, Jerod, and Bastien, thank you for the responses. Very much appreciated. Larry, looks like a great tool there, and what everyone is asking for (and frankly should expect out of the box for a paid SaaS). I may give it a whirl, but it is still a workaround for something I am paying Asana to do. And clearly Asana couldn’t care less about their user base if requests like this go ignored - yet users/enthusiasts are able to create these features (and more) in (comparatively) no time at all, for free. So, I still sit here wondering why I am paying Asana, and why I would want to support them at all (two way street…). The only reason at this point is the “momentum” from my team (i.e. the cost of switching over and learning a new system).

I appreciate your nice comments about Asana2Go, and I agree that I had expected by now this would be available in Asana but I accept that it is not and I appreciate many other things about Asana.

Asana can’t be all things to all people, especially given the fact that Asana usage spans every type of collaboration anywhere in the world in any size group with any purpose. They need to make choices to keep the product usable and performant, and make tough long- and short-term feature and direction tradeoffs. Invariably some of those choices will upset us. The choice of staying with Asana or not is, of course, individual. But my personal take is that if one agrees to remain a user, one must accept that not all of one’s requests will be met (like multiple assignees on tasks, for example).


Thanks Larry for that perfect answer, I agree 100% :+1:

Larry, thanks for your responses. I agree 100% too that it is my personal decision to use or not use Asana, and if I do so, I must accept what it is or vote with my feet and leave. What I can’t accept is the thought that I am asking for some unique, special-case feature that only I am interested in, or that this sorting feature would somehow compromise the core functionality of the software or not translate across the world or to different sized users with different missions. Further, in the treads, a solution was promised and “rolling out in beta” very soon. It’s been well over a year. I’m not the only one asking for it, it’s been YEARS, a solution was promised and never delivered. Again, my choice to stay, but the focus on customer needs seems to be lacking. That should concern all users and whoever owns Asana, as it isn’t a sustainable business model.


If any of your last post was intended to be directly in response to my last post, I’m afraid I’ll have to take exception because I think I may have been misunderstood.

And can you quote Asana’s promise of this feature? I don’t recall it and it’s extremely rare that Asana promises a feature and reneges.