New Report View - sort by multiple criteria

I love the new spreadsheet-like report views. In fact, I find it more useful than viewing ‘my tasks’ since I can also see custom fields. The one thing that it needs to make it perfect (and a little more like a spreadsheet) is the ability to sort by multiple fields. For example sort by project and then by date so that the most pressing due date for each project is at the top of each section.

Agree totally. Multi-level sort (not just 2 levels please) is an aching need.

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Agreed!!! This is basic stuff, Asana. My $25/year app I’ve been using does this and you guys don’t? doesn’t make sense.

Would really love this feature in both the pre-baked and custom (saved search) reports. I have a few reports sorted by assignee-- it’s strange to not be able to sort by due dates within each assignee’s section.

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yes, at least 2 levels would be a huge improvement. Right now only being able to sort by 1 is a real pain.


It is also critical to be able to pull reports and have hours on them.

Until/if Asana offers this, consider this (disclaimer: I’m the creator):


Asana please make this happen, we need to be able to sort by Project and then by Date within that Project.

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