Improve Filtering/Sorting in Report or Tag views

Right now the Reports and Tags you favorite/view has pretty weak sorting/filtering capabilities. Projects let you soft by nearly every column or drill down by filtering. The Tag view only lets you view the tasks with the respective tag by Projects. I’d like to see it by Assignee, or due date, or filter out some Projects. Likewise, the saved Report view doesn’t offer filters and while it does have sorting abilities, it is limited to the standard columns. We have a saved report that includes a custom field with drop-down options. Ideally I’d like to sort by those custom field options.

@Alex_Graniere, Until this becomes available natively in Asana, you might want to consider the free-to-most Asaan2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):



Happy Monday @Alex_Graniere and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I was able to find a few threads regarding this topic in the Forum. I’ve listed them below and I would encourage you to cast your vote on the ones you would like to see implemented.

I’ve gone ahead and close this thread to avoid duplications. I hope it’s ok.

Thank you again for your feedback Alex! Have a great week!