Ability to sort and filter Portfolio by multiple criteria

It would be great if you could order the portfolio by multiple columns rather than just one.

For example we have a priority column so it’s great to be able to order by that. But when we do it doesn’t order with the closest due date per priority to the top.

So it would be great to be able to order by priority and then by due date.

I agree. I would like to be able to sort by priority and then due date (or vice versa) – pretty important when you are managing projects to get this more granular view.


Can I also throw in the ability to filter by Custom Fields (like within a Project) on top of being able to have multiple sorting conditions?

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Thanks for sharing your feedback! Please note that I have slightly edited the title of this thread to make it more discoverable to other users and reflective of your feedback :slight_smile:

Joining in here. I currently have our top team portfolio sorted by project owner, but I’d like to see the projects in alphabetical order… Is this possible somehow?

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Definitely need this feature! Portfolios are getting more robust/useful all the time, but this would be a huge help!!