Allow to sort/filter Reports by multiple criteria (ie: Assignee and due date)

These cases on Sorting in Asana were closed but I still see some issues. I have a report for open and past due tasks that are sorted by Assignee but within their assignee sections, the due dates are all over the place. I don’t think there needs to be a sort option, but if the system could be updated to automatically sort by the due date. I can’t think of any other order you would need when reviewing past due and upcoming tasks. But perhaps an additional sort option is needed for others who see a need. See attached image for reference.

Hi @Olive and thanks for sharing this feedback with us! From what I understand, you’d like Sort project by 2 criteria (Due date and assignee for example) to be applied to Reports, am I right?

I’ve gone ahead and renamed your thread to make it more discoverable to other users!

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Thank you, Marie. My main focus is sorting within a Search Report, but sorting by multiple criteria would be a good feature for any list within Asana. For me, it doesn’t have to be a feature that is immediately available, it just seems odd that tasks aren’t automatically sorted by the due date regardless of what initial sort criteria is selected.


Ohhh, I wish I could vote x1000 for this! This would solve all the things for our agency! Need this for sure!