Ability to reverse order when Sorting by Custom Fields

We have a custom field that gives each task a score, the higher the better. However, when I go to sort the list of tasks by this field, it only shows them in ascending order. We need to see numbered fields in descending order so that the highest scoring items can be seen at the top. Please advise.


Yep, this would be super useful as we have value as a numeric field and it seems weird to tell people to take things off the bottom of the pile.

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Yea we track RICE prioritization in Asana, and would really like to sort by score RICE Prioritization Framework for Product Managers [+Examples]


I agree. It seems strange to me that someone would build a sort field with only one direction? Why would someone ONLY allow for ascending sort OR descending sort? It is common to have a need to sort in both directions depending on the need.


How to do reverse order sorting, when we have custom fields? Looks like this option is not possible

I came from WUNDERLIST, thinking that, there are better features. Though there are features, better than WUL, but basic sorting, like reverse sorting is not available.
I’m very disappointed with this.


I’d like to be able to sort numerical and text fields by descending as well as ascending.

This has come up multiple time with the rest of my teammates. I’ve had to drag things manually in the interim, which is cumbersome for a large project.

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Yes please guys! I am looking for listing tasks by their due date in descending order so I can have my ‘Done’ columns with most recent ones on the top.

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Please add this! it’s a basic function and I was shocked to find out you can only sort by ascending and not descending. Why??? :frowning:


Adding on top of what other people said here. Really frustrate that you can only sort Ascending values and not descending.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to sort by numbered fields inside Asana. But you can use an additional tool that resolves prioritization issues. At Ducalis you can see your team top priorities and personal evaluated tasks sorted by priority.

sorting without sorting order makes it a sorting nonsense.


Again, this request has been there since Suly’2017 onwards.
Seems to be ASANA team is not serious about this.
Since DOS OS days on-wards, we are used to,
multi-column sorting, ascending/descending order etc etc.
ASANA wants to replace XL,
but where do we go for multi-column sorting, ascending/descending order of XL,
and which we are used for decades together.
It is very sad that, ASANA is all kinds of new features,
but forgetting, basic feature requirements of any project management software.
Very Sad, Indeed.
Hope ASANA listening to users voice.
Any software becomes popular because, lack of something in old software’s and also additional functionality. Whatever may be the limitation of XL, when it comes to, multi-column sorting, ascending/descending order, date fields, unlimited fields, sorting by any column/any order, are still on TOP of all the software’s.


Couldn’t agree more. Shocked they haven’t implemented this feature yet

What’s worse is they changed the way things are sorted when added by the API. Up until December the latest tasks were at the top, now they’re at the bottom. This has completely ruined the way we use one of our projects. It’s a basic feature on 1000s of softwares to switch between ascending/descending order, I don’t understand why Asana can’t add a basic feature like this.


I completely agree that it is very strange that this functionality doesn’t exist. I want to sort my milestones in order of priority based on a score, with the top-scoring at the top. I assumed that I was missing something when it didn’t seem possible to reverse the order, but see from your posts that it isn’t possible. Have added my vote for this as a feature!

PS To get round this I have changed the way the score is calculated so that lower numbers are better than higher. It is counter-intuitive so not ideal, but will have to do.

Yes, descending/reverse order when sorting is a standard feature that all software programs should have. Another one is the option to jump to/scroll to bottom feature.

This seems to be yet another lacking feature that theoretically basic is taking months to be completed.

It’s really shocking how many basic features are missing. I wonder what the engineering team is actually doing. It’s probably due to them being publicly traded now. Incentives go from building a great product to monetization.

Dear Asana,

Are you out there?.. Can you hear us?..

We need to be able to sort custom fields both ways. Please, for the love of all that is logical, allow us to sort fields by DESCENDING values.

Seriously, this is a problem.