Ability to reverse order when Sorting by Custom Fields

Created a list using the default “priority” tag. Can’t sort with “High” priority items on top because “L” comes before “H” so all “Low” priority tasks show up first. Fantastic, Asana.

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That would be amazing. At my company we have custom fields for months of the year, and if we want to see December first, we need to scrow down the page until we get there.
You might be thinking “what is the problem scrolling down the page?” and here is the asnwer: We have projects with more than 150 tasks created in list version. It is too much. You can also say “why don’t ou sort them by the custom field”. Well Asana doesn’t allow to sort by two custom fields at the same time, so it doesn’t work for us.

Thank you.

Dear Asana Team,

Is there any answer to this? Or any way we can track what is the progress for such a task?
I believe is a pretty basic feature that should be added I was kind of surprised to discover this just after a few minutes I started using your solution.

We use Asana to manage land acquisition projects in which we have “Acreage” as a custom number field. The “tasks” in our case are landowners’ names with the custom Acreage field showing the total number of acres owned by a landowner. In list view, we can sort the list of landowners by Acreage. However, the default and only sort option is to sort ascending, where the landowners with the smallest acreage appear at the top of the list and the landowners with the largest acreage appear at the bottom of the list.
It would by extremely helpful if we were able to sort our task list using the number field in descending order.
Thank you.

Hi @Mark_Henning, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. We do have an existing thread for this request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback. I hope you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

Hopefully this is something our Product team will implement in the near future. I’ll keep you posted in the main thread if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Pleeeeease do this!!!

I can’t find the thread in the product feedback category.

To be honest this is a basic request which shouldn’t be hard to implement. Please add my vote to the roadmap for this to be implemented.

I am on the Business tier, and it seems strange to me that this wasn’t rolled out years ago. It is currently limiting our workflow.

Being able to click the column header to toggle between ascending and descending would be really helpful!

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Ya this is ludicrous. Such a simple item too.

Quick hack:

Stick a “-” in front of each custom field number and you’ll get the “descending” sort effect. Janky I know but it works.

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God yes. The “last modified” sort, which is the default on advanced searches, automatically puts the oldest stuff at the top. At the very least, I need the option to flip this sort, as scrolling through hundreds of line items defeats the purpose of an advanced search. I shouldn’t have to export to Excel just to sort rows.

Hello, I am VERY frustrated by this. I would love if Asana could fix this as soon as possible.

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+1 for this very easy “feature”. You can do it Asana! I believe. :slight_smile:


this is shocking to see on a list since 2017…

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Hey Asana we have 2022.

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I have the same need for sorting on DATE CREATED in reverse order = the newest on top!!!


Another perfect example of when I think Asana can help solve some pretty simple problems… and then it can’t. COME ON. This is like basic basic basic should have been in an MVP type feature.

Extremely disappointing that the developers cannot implement a descending order for a list. This is data structure class 101 at the high school level. I can recommend some high schoolers who can do this if needed.


I actually can’t believe this was not done when they first built this. For me this isn’t even a feature request this is a bug they need to fix. Maybe because this feature has so many votes its at the bottom of their sort list so no one ever gets to it. Maybe they could use the help of a project management tool to help them do this. Oh wait is ASANA not a project management tool… This is so Dumb


Was shocked to learn Asana doesn’t have this.

Not being able to sort fields, or create fields that are based on simple formulas/logic (e.g. multiply this numerical field by this other numerical field) are going to make us move to another tool. Time to check out airtable I guess.

Just now looking at Asana as a potential new user. I’m really surprised I can’t reverse sort my custom number field which I use for a metric of the financial value of a task.

Then I see that 126 other users have requested this. Considering this would be super easy to implement, I wonder if Asana even value their user’s needs?

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