Drop-down field workflow

I’m a relatively new user – and I really like the tool so far.

But I thought it would be fairly simple to create a secondary custom field dropdown that would present a user with a new set of choices where they’d be required to select another value after they’d made a choice in a primary drop-down field.

In other words “a drop-down within a drop-down” .

I can’t find anything anywhere that addresses that functionality – does anybody have any ideas about how to accomplish this? I even looked at trying to create a rule that says “If someone selects this value in the first drop-down, force them via workflow to “the next drop-down field” to make another required selection.

But that doesn’t seem to work either. Because as far as I can tell, rules seem to only use workflow to move issues from one state to another – or to trigger the notification of a change or of issue details to another user. Or a reassignment or forwarding of an issue to another team member. But not from one field to another required “sub-field”.

Any helpful thoughts anybody?


Hi @John_McDermott

As of my knowledge, Asana doesn’t support the creation of conditional or dependent custom fields.

An alternative ?
However, you could use forms to collect data, have some questions conditioned by the answers to others, and connect all answers to actual custom fields previously created.
More info about that feature Create Forms in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

An example of a form with that logic

Please let me know what if that helps :wink:

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Welcome, @John_McDermott,

Asana doesn’t have cascading selects (dependent on each other).

If not too many choices, you could embed all of them in one single-select field (cumbersome, but you visually depict the groupings to help the user navigate).

If you can accept input via forms, as @Arthur_BEGOU suggests, I actually just implemented this for a client a couple of days ago in this manner:

The first (major) single-select question was connected to a single-select custom field and branches as Arthur indicates.

But the multiple subsequent secondary single-selects don’t connect to custom fields because there would be many of them, one custom field for each option in the primary select field. So I let those values be stored in the tasks’ Description, and also appended them to the task title via the Form > Settings configuration so they were still easy to see at a glance without opening the task.

Hope that helps (though not ideal until/if Asana supports cascading selects),


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