Add new field based on a selected one

Does someone knows if it is possible to:
I have different fields in my default WO, and depending on a selected option, I would like to have a new field created just for that option.
Example is that for the option selected, a new field to be created.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Mariam_Aamer , this is currently not possible natively in Asana, but I’m fairly sure a 3rd party integration such as can do this. Alternatively, it may need a more advanced custom code connected to the API. (pinging @Bastien_Siebman)

You can however, in Asana, use the native Rules feature to create a trigger/action condition for whenever a dropdown custom field option is set/changed/cleared, then it would change/set/clear the option of another dropdown field, as long as it already exists as a field within the same project.

Thank you Richard for your answer!!!
The thing is that I don’t want/need to create the specific field as it is only relevant for one specific selected WO type field…
Am I correct understanding that there is no direct way to include it as an app in Asana?
Thanks once again

Correct @Mariam_Aamer .

For simplicity, I would suggest that, if possible, integrate the options of this new specific field into your WO type options.

Alternatively, you could decide that this new specific field will always be available regardless of the choices selected for the WO type, so therefore you will be able to setup a Rule directly in Asana. The new field could also have an option ‘n/a’ set automatically when all other WO type options are chosen, except for the specific one.

There’s always a way in Asana, just depends on how much you are willing to adapt to it’s capabilities :wink:

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Thanks once again.

It was easier to add the new field and adapt the rules as you suggested.

I am a lover of Asana, but sometimes, I find that some specific features are missing, but also true that there is an ongoing work around that already helps a lot !:slightly_smiling_face:

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