Custom Fields with Default Values

adding custom fields for custom fields like a drop down would be a really great feature.
also, having a check box custom as a custom field will be useful as well

sorry for typing custom fields for custom fields, i meant Default Value for Custom Fields

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I also require this feature of ability to set a default value for dropdown type of custom field

I’d love to see this feature too. We use a custom field for priority and want the default to be ‘TBD’ (To Be Determined) rather than the ambiguous ‘-’

@Marie is there any way to give old posts like this a new life? I feel like I’m just adding on to a post that will never see the limelight.

Hi @Fonti, commenting on an old post automatically brings it back at the top of the Forum, so it’s the best way to increase its visibility!

I would like to see this too. As a new Asana user I’m kind of shocked to see something so basic is still missing after over a year…!

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FYI this capability is available in my Flowsana integration using its If-Then Rule feature:

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Is this an option yet?

Using Flowsana is overkill for what we are trying to accomplish.

Sorry to hear that :grinning:!

Are you on Asana Business? If so, you can use the new Asana rules function to set a value for a custom field when a new task is added. If you’re on Asana Premium, then the Asana rules options are limited and don’t include this functionality, and Flowsana is your only option for accomplishing it.

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Just note that you may not have it yet - it’s rolling out over the next two weeks or so.

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Thanks for the information Phil.

Ahh, I would love to be able to set a default value (or just by default the first value being default), but I also see how the Rules feature which is part of Business, is part of Asana’s business model to not have this feature… :’(