Custom Fields with Default Values

adding custom fields for custom fields like a drop down would be a really great feature.
also, having a check box custom as a custom field will be useful as well

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sorry for typing custom fields for custom fields, i meant Default Value for Custom Fields

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I also require this feature of ability to set a default value for dropdown type of custom field

I’d love to see this feature too. We use a custom field for priority and want the default to be ‘TBD’ (To Be Determined) rather than the ambiguous ‘-’

@Marie is there any way to give old posts like this a new life? I feel like I’m just adding on to a post that will never see the limelight.

Hi @Fonti, commenting on an old post automatically brings it back at the top of the Forum, so it’s the best way to increase its visibility!

I would like to see this too. As a new Asana user I’m kind of shocked to see something so basic is still missing after over a year…!

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FYI this capability is available in my Flowsana integration using its If-Then Rule feature:

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Is this an option yet?

Using Flowsana is overkill for what we are trying to accomplish.

Sorry to hear that :grinning:!

Are you on Asana Business? If so, you can use the new Asana rules function to set a value for a custom field when a new task is added. If you’re on Asana Premium, then the Asana rules options are limited and don’t include this functionality, and Flowsana is your only option for accomplishing it.

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Just note that you may not have it yet - it’s rolling out over the next two weeks or so.

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Thanks for the information Phil.

Ahh, I would love to be able to set a default value (or just by default the first value being default), but I also see how the Rules feature which is part of Business, is part of Asana’s business model to not have this feature… :’(

How is this done, @Phil_Seeman? Is this still possible?

Hi @Jon_Cunningham,

Are you asking about how to do it in Asana Business/Enterprise using an Asana custom rule, or how to do it in Flowsana for an Asana Premium customer?

Hi @Phil_Seeman

Asana Business - I can’t see how to do it as a custom rule in Asana!



The trigger would be “Task added to this project”.

For the action, in the “Update task” section, you’d select the custom field you want to set and then set the desired starting value in the dialog:

Cheers @Phil_Seeman - this is what I was doing! Maybe it won’t offer it because it’s a text field not a dropdown/single select… :man_facepalming:

Oh yes, sorry I didn’t ask you about the field type. Right, Asana rules don’t support text-type fields; for that you would need to use our Flowsana integration which does have a rule action that supports text-type fields:

Cheers @Phil_Seeman - thought that was going to be the deal!

I always have Flowsana in mind, but not sure my client will go for it…

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