Show custom fields from other projects when setting task templates

When setting up a task template, you can set the task (or subtasks) to be added to another project automatically. You can also pre-fill any custom fields in the project where the task template lives. However in the Edit Task Template view, you do not see custom fields from the other projects that you have added the task to.

It would be helpful to see the custom field(s) from any other project(s) that are added to a task template, so that they can be pre-filled. Once the task is created, these custom fields are added to the task because it is part of multiple projects, and I would love to be able to pre-fill some of those values based on the template chosen.

Hey @Anthony_Tamalonis,

you can achieve this with rules.
Let’s say for example “If Task is added to a specific section” then custom field A value is changed to xxxx

Did you try this already?


Hi @Andrea_Mayer thanks for the suggestion. I think that would only work for dropdown custom fields, whereas the task template allows you to enter text or numeric values as well.

Also depending on the workflow that might require setting up a bunch of dummy sections to handle that “if task is added to a specific section” rule only for that specific task template. I wouldn’t necessarily want all tasks added to that other project/section to contain this custom field value, but I would want all tasks from this specific template to contain that value, so it could get overly complex pretty quickly.

Yeah true it is not ideal, just a potential workaround.

As Rebecca also mentioned here unfortunately there is no option yet to preset some entries but I do agree this might be nice to have :slight_smile:

This might be helpful: Custom Fields with Default Values - #7 by Phil_Seeman

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