Task Templates custom fields in Project template vanish when creating new project based on the project template

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that when I create a new project using a custom project templates, custom task templates are copied all along…so far so good. However what I’ve noticed is that custom fields valorization on task templates contained in the template project vanished on the newly created project.

Basically, in the new project I find the task template structure preserved but custom fields are blank, even if I have default values on the original task template custom field.

Is there any way to fix that?


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@Rebecca_McGrath should @Carlo_Burrafato move the post into the Bugs and provide the missing information in order to treat the bug?


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Hi @Carlo_Burrafato, I believe this is expected behaviour - custom fields in task templates will be empty when creating a project from a project template. Currently, there is no way to have the custom field permanently filled in.

I hope this helps clarify :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rebecca,

I was warried this could be the case. Thanks for the quick response anyway! We will set the default value in every new project then.


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