Rules set Custom Fields with Text or Numbers

Currently rules only affect custom fields that are Dropdowns. The ability to use rules to affect Numerical or Textual Custom Fields would be wonderful.

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Rules are very new and we’re planning to improve them in the future so thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

In the meantime, I recommend you to have a look at Flowsana developed by @Phil_Seeman. This integration supports both conditions/triggers and actions using all types of custom fields. You can find more information in the following post: Now rolling out to Asana users — Rules

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Right now I can set up a filter that is triggered when a dropdown custom field is updated, it would be nice to have the same for a numerical (and maybe text) custom fields as well. So something happens when the number is changed.


I meant rule, not filter.

Hi @Mate and thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We already have a thread on this topic (Rules set Custom Fields with Text or Numbers) so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post to consolidate all feedback in one place! I’ll make sure to loop you in when I have an update on me end! :slight_smile:

Hi @Mate,

FYI, in case you haven’t seen this:

I know this thread is over a year old, but still an issue. Can we have Rules that work with numeric fields? In my case, I want to have the assignee choose a drop-down option and then that will trigger a change in the numeric field.

Will look into Flowsana but a native automation would be preferred.

Thanks for bringing this up. Native integration of updating numerical and texts custom fields with rules would be great!