Using custom text fields to trigger rules

Is there a way to trigger rules based on text within a custom field? For example, form is submitted, ‘Partner Name = XXX’ and the rule is ‘when Partner Name = XXX → send Teams notification and set Project Status = Prioritized’.


I don’t think there is currently.

Would using a single select custom field not be feasible? Then you could run rules based on what they select.

Yes, I believe there is a way with drop-down custom fields, but I’m looking for a text custom field.

Hi @anon37940760,

As @Kasey_Nichols says, not currently possible with native Asana. You can do it with our Flowsana integration, as we have a rule trigger that supports checking the contents of a text custom field.

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Can this be converted into a product feedback that can receive votes? When I go to submit product feedback it links to this community forum post. I’ve seen that Asana has added the ability to update text and numeric fields through rules actions, but I don’t see a way to have a rule trigger from a text or numeric field being updated. Thanks.



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I can’t believe this only has three votes (including mine). What’s the point of having custom fields if we can’t use them to trigger rules?? I have to find a workaround (not an add-on, add-ons/additional software is not an option) to trigger internal notifications since we can’t trigger rules with text or numeric fields. All we’re trying to do is multi-home a task to another project (to trigger the notification) if the numerical value is greater than a certain threshold. Anyone know of a workaround to make this happen, by chance?

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voted up, this would be a nice built in option.

I concur, this would be very helpful. I’d even take being able to trigger off when a custom field changes.

We are using Workato to create tasks in Asana from record updates in Salesforce (because the SFDC-Asana integration doesn’t work well enough), and we are using Asana rules as much as possible to allow any elements that could change over time to be managed by regular users. We can set dropdown fields in Workato but only with hard-coded logic, or within another task to pull field value IDs from a separate source, which would require update. Setting rules based on text fields would allow us a TON more flexibility for automating tasks with Asana rules, where the values from Salesforce fields can simply be passed into generic text fields.

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I just upvoted this as well because a member of my team was asking about triggering rules with custom field changes yesterday!