Using custom text fields to trigger rules

Is there a way to trigger rules based on text within a custom field? For example, form is submitted, ‘Partner Name = XXX’ and the rule is ‘when Partner Name = XXX → send Teams notification and set Project Status = Prioritized’.

I don’t think there is currently.

Would using a single select custom field not be feasible? Then you could run rules based on what they select.

Yes, I believe there is a way with drop-down custom fields, but I’m looking for a text custom field.

Hi @Viviane_Raguso,

As @Kasey_Nichols says, not currently possible with native Asana. You can do it with our Flowsana integration, as we have a rule trigger that supports checking the contents of a text custom field.

Can this be converted into a product feedback that can receive votes? When I go to submit product feedback it links to this community forum post. I’ve seen that Asana has added the ability to update text and numeric fields through rules actions, but I don’t see a way to have a rule trigger from a text or numeric field being updated. Thanks.

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