An automation to trigger an asana form when a custom field is selected

I am currently finding that there are so many good uses of the forms that help integrating asana with out systems and tools we use.

My key focus is to make sure users do not leave their ecosystem as much as possible.

For me to achieve this, I would really like an automation where once a certain custom field is selected, a form is triggered / launched.

Anyone found this to be useful? anyone has a workaround?


I always like corralling people in the direction I want and forms help with that so +1 for me.

This is a cool idea, @Rashad_Issa! I’ll let you know if this is something we’re planning to implement in the future :slight_smile:

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I agree with this. Similar to the JotForm integration that can assign a form to someone when triggered.

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Nice idea, I agree this would be good to have

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Any update on this request? We’d also really benefit from this!

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