Need insight on how to configure forms/workflows

Hi everyone. I am having some trouble setting up an Asana board and I am hoping somebody can provide me with some insight on how to go about my task.

What I did so far was I created an Asana form that my users will fill out to put in a request. There is a question on the form asking who the user’s manager is for approval and they select a name from the choices I listed. I would like that once they submit that form that the manager they selected be notified via email of the request and they have to approve it before the team moves forward with the request.

I can’t seem to find any option that would allow me to set the emails for each manager so that they receive a notification that a request was put in and that they have to approve is.

Is this doable on Asana? If it’s not, I will take any tips/tricks you may have to set up some sort of a similar process.

Thank you so much!

Hey @Ezana_Ćeman welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Have you considered using Asana rules?

All tasks can be saved in a separate approval section.

The options in the single-select custom field can serve as a trigger for a rule.
So for example if person A was selected then a rule will trigger, assign the task to Person A and send a comment via Asana.
If person B was selected then the rule will assign the task to Person B, send a comment, etc
Other actions are possible also.

Then the relevant person will be notified via Asana (+ email if they have email notifications enabled)

They can then perform any actions they have to do such as approving and moving the task to the next stage.

Then again you can set up rules on what happens next.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


So quick - this was the solution I was going to propose!


Thank you Andrea, I will try your recommendation out!

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