What features do you want to see in forms?


I am trying to build an integration between FormCrafts and Asana.

Basically, it will allow you to build super customizable and powerful forms to create tasks in Asana.

Currently, the feature list goes:

  1. Auto-create a form based on the project
  2. Create multi-page forms
  3. Embed forms on any website
  4. Conditional logic / branching
  5. Math formulas within the form
  6. Payments via Stripe

Something like this:

What else would you like to see? :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in beta testing?

FYI when I click your first link, I get this:


Oops. I’m new here. Seems like I can’t edit posts. Here’s the updated link for people FormCrafts

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Thanks for sharing, @Nishant_Agrawal!

@Nishant_Agrawal Interesting stuff. I would be more than happy to beta test.

Awesome! Will keep you posted.